Celebrating all over the World (wide web)


Celebrating all over the World (wide web)

Our blog has been a bit quiet lately, but that’s because we’ve been so busy spreading the Escape word elsewhere. If you’d like to check out author interviews, exclusive excerpts, reflections on our first year, tips for aspiring writers, and, of course, fabulous give-aways and competitions, check out the below!

The Book Bellas – featuring an erotic bundle give-away

Stuck in Books – New Adult give-aways

Dear Author – give-away and an exclusive excerpt from Rhian Cahill’s upcoming Secret Santa

Manga Maniac Cafe – featuring Rebekah Turner, Carly Drake, Lara Morgan, Jenny Brigalow, Darlene Fredette, Rhian Cahill, Sarah Barrie

Bewitched Bookwork – 5 fantasy book give-away, and a blog from Kate Cuthbert

Swoony Boys – YA give-away and features on Lauren McKellar and Beth Fred

Steamy Guys After Dark – give-away and features Vanessa Stark, Robin Thomas, Serenity Wood, Jenny Schwartz, EE Montgomery, Nell Carson, and Eden Summers

Tiffany Talks Books – erotic and holiday themed give-away and features exclusive excerpts from Serenity Woods, Viveka Portman, Eden Summers, Tamsin Baker, Juliet Madison, Lexxie Couper, Jane O’Reilly, Rhian Cahill, Ros Baxter, and Darlene Fredette

Chick-lit Club – contemporary bundle give-away and features Jenny Schwartz, Juliet Madison, Ainslie Paton, Sandra Antonelli, and Elisabeth Rose

Page Turners Blog – YA bundle give-away

The Eclectic Reader – a whole pile of bundled give-aways

Bex ‘n Books – New Adult bundle give-away and features Scarlett Dawn, JM Bray, Robin Thomas, Cate Ellink, and Sarah Daltry

Pieces of Whimsy – Fantasy bundle give-away and features Scarlett Dawn, JM Bray, Lara Morgan, Rebekah Turner, and Ros Baxter

Nicki J Markus – YA bundle

The Rest is Still Unwritten – a whole pile of excerpts, as well as guest posts from JM Bray, Donna Marie Hanson, and Lara Morgan

Ramblings of a Chaotic Mind – Holiday bundle give-away

Romance Book Junkies – 6 book give-away and a guest post from Rebekah Turner

Fab, Fun & Tantalising Reads – 6 book give-away plus excerpts and guest posts from Cate Ellink, Serenity Woods, Scarlett Dawn, Sarah Daltry, and Viveka Portman

Nette’s Nookshelf – Contemporary bundle give-away and excerpts from Jenny Schwartz, Maxine Sullivan, Eliza Redgold, Lea Darragh, and Sandra Antonelli

Confessions from Romaholics – book give-aways and excerpts from Lauren K McKellar, Scarlett Dawn, Serenity Woods, Rhian Cahill, and Eliza Redgold

Harlequin Junkie – 5 book give-away and features Nicole Flockton, Sandra Antonelli, Jennie Jones, Alissa Callen, and Anna Clifton

Reading Between the Wines – NA bundle give-away and excerpts from Scarlett Dawn, JM Bray, Robin Thomas, Cate Ellink, and Sarah Daltry

Novels on the Run – 5 book give-away and featuring Rebekah Turner, Scarlett Dawn, Lauren K McKellar, Lara Morgan, and JM Bray

Romance Readers at Heart – 6 book give-away and features Rebekah Turner, Sandra Antonelli, Viveka Portman, Ainslie Paton, and Juliet Madison

Book’d Out – Australian Romance give-away and features Alexis Fleming, Jenny Schwartz, Peter McAra, Kendall Talbot, Eliza Redgold, and Lena Dowling

Delighted Reader – Bundle give-away and featuring Kate Cuthbert, Tara Chevrestt, and Peter McAra

Romance University – guest post from Kate Cuthbert

1girl2manybooks – Australian Romance give-away and features Georgie Tyler

Juliet Madison – guest post with Kate Cuthbert