December Gift Guide: Books!


December Gift Guide: Books!

by Kate

Last year, the Escape Artists came together to provide you with tried and true recipes guaranteed to satisfy any holiday celebration.

This year, we’ve come together to help you with your gift buying needs. And, being readers, we are naturally offering up our best books for anyone on your list – even the sticky, tricky recipients.

Let’s begin!


For every girl on your list, between the ages of about 8 and 18, I can’t recommend Lumberjanes enough. It’s fun, it’s smart, it’s quirky, it’s about friendship and sticking together, it’s inclusive, it’s diverse, and best of all, it’s a graphic novel and very few people think to buy a girl a graphic novel, so it’s guaranteed to be a novelty as well!


I picked this book up for my dad last year, and I really recommend it for the non-fiction readers on your list, especially if they (like my dad) were big fans of the Freakonomics books (side note: Freakonomics is a great choice as well!). Who Cooked Adam Smith’s Dinner is a fresh look at economics and history and finance; it’s beautifully written and seriously engaging.


Must reads