December is for lovers…


December is for lovers…

and do we have some stories for you. 19725Chaos Bound – Rebekah Turner. The fast-paced, witty, darkly humorous, addictive answer to Urban Fantasy fatigue. The first in this series was chosen as one of our launch titles. The second takes it all to a new level.

19727The Wicked Confessions of Lady Cecelia Stanton – Viveka Portman. Erotic, funny, shocking, risk, carnal, seductive. I can’t say enough good things about these erotic historical novellas, told in diary format. This is number two.

19722InheritanceKate Loveday.  Australian rural romance with a fish-out-of-water, David-vs-Goliath, eco-tourism twist. Add in a dash of suspense, one beautiful rival, winning secondary characters, and you’ve got the recipe for a perfect summer read.

19726Bitter FruitsSarah Daltry. Think you know vampire romance? You might want to check yourself – and this dark, epic, new adult fantasy story about an eternal battle, an immortal struggle, an infinite rivalry – and the girl who finds herself stuck in between.

19728His Convict Wife – Lena Dowling. An emotional, engaging, rich Australian historical romance that flattens the class structure and looks away from the aristocracy to prove that love exists for everyone – even a free-born settler and his workhouse wife. Lovers of The Convict’s Bounty Bride will thrill to a revisit of James and Thea, and a poignant subplot.

19719A Life Worth Living – Amanda Caham. In her query letter, Amanda told me that sleep medicine is the new ER: affecting, dramatic, with high stakes and a focus on heartbeats. If this sweet story about a nurse who knows what she wants and a doctor who’s terrified of moving forward is anything to go by, she might very well be right.

19720Riley’s BillionaireSunny Cole. Think Australian romances are all about dust and dungarees? Welcome to Wine Country, the billionaire family who own some of the most influential vineyards in the world – and the heiress, presumed lost forever. For readers who love it when a business decision gets intensely personal…

And for those who are looking for a little holiday cheer…

19724Secret SantaRhian Cahill. Rhian returns to the addictive, sweet, loosely connected group of friends she introduced last year, in the glittering world of Sydney’s elite. This year, Morgan, the famed restaurateur decides that he’s going to go after the only thing he really wants – his beautiful, distant restaurant manager.

19721A Sprite’s Tale – Lexxie Couper. For readers who like their holidays hot comes this short, sparky, sexy story about Santa’s nephew, a run-in with a Qantas jet, a bushland sprite, and one very secluded beach.

19723One Sweet ChristmasDarlene Fredette. Meet Candace Cane and Jackson Frost – and a sweet, sugary, bite-sized novella about a small town chocolate shop, the local boy-made-good, a guilty secret, and one shocking piece of paper. It’s going to be a Christmas full of surprises.

Finally, our holiday gift to you…

For the month of December, we’re sending our very best wishes of the season with a sexy, snowy, sci-fi novella from one of our favourite authors – for free. We hope you enjoy it, and we’ll see you in 2014!

19729White Christmas Ros Baxter. What would you do if your survival depended on getting seriously close to the man who broke your heart? She’s about to find out – and things in the ice cave are getting seriously steamy.