December Recipes: Mango Trifle


December Recipes: Mango Trifle

by Lee Christine

Here is my Mango Trifle recipe which is really Marion Lennox’s. She published it in the Hearts Talk magazine back in 2010 and I’ve made it for the last five years. It’s now a Christmas staple in our family. 🙂


Make trifle in a large, glass bowl so you can see the layers. It looks impressive. It’s a stress free dessert too because the custard and jelly can be made the day before which makes it really easy to assemble on the day.


  • 1 supermarket or home made sponge cake. I use the supermarket ones. Slice the sponge in half.
  • Custard Powder. Make the custard according to the instructions. I use full cream milk and add a teaspoon of vanilla.  I also double the amount of custard powder so it’s thick in the trifle.
  • Mango Jelly. Make up according to the instructions.
  • Mangoes.
  • Whipped cream sweetened with vanilla. I use thickened cream.
  • Lemon butter or curd.
  • Sherry or orange juice, whichever you prefer.



Cut the sponge in half and using the lemon butter or curd make a lemon butter sandwich. This is your first layer.

Sprinke cake with sherry or orange juice.

Layer of custard.

Layer of mango jelly or you can use lemon jelly if you prefer.

1st Layer of mangoes. Set aside the really good slices for the top.

Thick layer of whipped cream sweetened with vanilla.

Final layer of mangoes using the good slices.

You can make this really big. It feeds a crowd! Enjoy!



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