December Recipes – Passionfruit Cordial


December Recipes – Passionfruit Cordial

by Tea Cooper

Tea’s Christmas Favourite

  • 20 passionfruit
  • 3 cups of sugar
  • 4 cups of boiling water
  • Optional 4 teaspoons of citric acid (If you want to keep it for more than a couple of days).

Scoop out the pulp from the passionfruit, (stir in citric acid if using). Put sugar in the saucepan and add boiling water and bring back to the boil. Stir until sugar dissolves. Remove from the heat and add passionfruit pulp. Allow to cool and bottle. Keep in the fridge.

Serve with soda or mineral water…or champagne, or vodka, if you would like something with a little more pop.


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