Do we have a month for you…


Do we have a month for you…

It’s October, and clearly that means ‘we have so many awesome books we just can’t wait to release them all!’ month, because we have a bumper crop of truly awesome titles in store for you – truly something for everyone.


19221It’s Love, DudeJenny Schwartz. I admit, the title for this story caused some eyebrows to be raised, but I can’t think of anything better for a story featuring a superstar Aussie surfer? Factor in a shy, small town girl, and a coy Western Australian marsupial, and you’ve got a dazzling novel-length debut from our resident Queen of the short story.


19301Finding HomeLauren K McKellar. Dark, gritty YA with a strong dose of reality, a bit of punk, and a wonderfully flawed heroine. Takes the idea of a sea change and turns it on its head. A fantastic debut from an extraordinary new talent.


19224Starstruck in Seattle Juliet Madison. Two months, two ro-magic comedies in a row! Check out this latest sparkly, sweet, sensual, sassy, sensational story about a small time actress, a leading man, and a matchmaking angel looking to earn her stripes.


19226A World ApartPeter McAra. Sweeping historical saga crossing oceans and time to prove love conquers all – prepare to indulge, delve, engross yourself in a story of love, betrayal, travel, survival, and learning your own value in the face of unspeakable odds.


19223Words Once Spoken – Carly Drake. Beautiful, lush, engrossing, high fantasy YA – what, you still need to know more? Oh fine: this series debut features a girl who never quite fit in, and the shocking reason why. Also to consider: two hot potential heroes, prophetic dreams, and a secret heritage discovered. Perfect escapist read (see what I did there?)


19225Beautiful Illusion – Jacquie Underdown. This is Jacquie’s second novel with us, novels that draw on the spiritual and the unexplained to add a bit of spark to real life. Add in a horrible accident, two patients in one hospital room, a gorgeous dream and one heck of a wake-up call and you have a beautifully written story about hope, dreams, and the power of belief.


19227Dark OilNora James. Up for a novel featuring unusual professions in an unusual setting? Consider deserts, and oil companies, and comfort zones being left far, far behind. Add in a sweet lawyer, a sexy co-worker, and close, intimate quarters, and you’ve got a contemporary romance with fabulous familiarity and an unexpected edge.


19222Style Me SexyTara Chevrestt. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but that can be hard to remember when we have ugly people in our lives, trying to run us down. Luckily, Bridget has a handsome hairdresser who sees her beauty inside and out, and wants to use his mad skills to give her her confidence back. If only we all had such men in our lives!


19229The Children of the MistJenny Brigalow. This YA paranormal rocks the socks off ‘predictable’. Mix a skater-girl heroine, a lone wolf hero, a surprise sixteenth birthday present, an unexpected overseas holiday, with a dash of Scottish mythology, and you’ve got a fresh, exciting story just waiting to be devoured.


19228In Her Dreams – Katherine Givens. A fun, flirty, fresh Regency romance about two sisters, the men they’re engaged to, the men they’d like to be engaged to, a persistent dream, even more persistent parents, and the secret hopes of the heart.