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Do you adore small-town romance series? Say hello to Magnolia Falls by Laura Pavlov!


Do you adore small-town romance series? Say hello to Magnolia Falls by Laura Pavlov!

Welcome to Magnolia Falls, perfect for fans of Elsie Silver, Lucy Score and B.K. Borison!

This 5 book series, set in the small town of Magnolia Falls, follows a group of interconnected twenty-somethings as they navigate relationships, friendships, life and love. They’re sweet, they’re spicy and they’re utterly bingeable.

The first three books in the series are out now, check them out below:

Book 1: Loving Romeo

Hating her was my end game, loving her was just the beginning …

A grumpy small-town boxer meets a sunshine girl as sweet as pumpkin spice.


Demi Crawford is Magnolia Falls royalty. I’m the boxer from the wrong side of the tracks. We couldn’t be more different.

Her family is enemy number one, and it made her guilty by association. I despised her before I even knew her. It was easier that way.

But now she’s moved in next door to me, and she’s everywhere I turn. She is beautiful and honest and sweet. Everything I know I shouldn’t want.

They say there’s a fine line between love and hate, and I don’t know when I crossed over. She is the right hook I never saw coming. But the secrets between us will threaten to tear us apart.

Lucky for her I’m a born fighter. And she is definitely worth the fight …

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Book 2: Wild River

I may be the lawyer, but she’s the one judging me …

A bad boy small-town lawyer meets his match.


Ruby Rose declared me the enemy before I had a chance to defend myself.⁣ I may be an attorney, but this girl had appointed herself judge and jury.⁣ And I’d never minded a good verbal sparring.⁣

⁣There was a comfort in going to battle against the evil queen.⁣ Maybe it was just the recognition of one damaged soul to another.⁣

⁣But the more we fought – the more I craved her.⁣ Until our arguing turned into a bit of a wager.⁣ One I was determined to win.⁣ One time. Sixty seconds. A secret only we would share.⁣

But from the minute we crossed the line, there was no turning back.⁣ Ruby Rose may have given me more than sixty seconds, but she wasn’t offering forever.⁣ And now my world doesn’t work without her in it.⁣

⁣But how do I convince her to stay, when she already has one foot out the door?⁣

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Book 3: Forbidden King

She’s the one girl I can’t have, and the only one I want …
A notorious ladies’ man falls first – and falls hard – for his best friend’s sister.

Saylor Woodson is my best friend’s little sister, and she’s completely off limits.

We have a history, a connection – one that no one else knows about. I’ve kept my distance for years, it was easy when she was away at school. But now she’s home, and she’s everywhere I turn. And the way that I want her is unexplainable.

So, I do everything in my power to keep my distance, because her brother is my best friend. My family. But the pull is too strong. I want to claim her and keep her and make her mine.

Once we cross that line in the sand, I’m drowning in this girl and can’t find my way up for air. Guilt hangs over me like a dark cloud, but I can’t seem to walk away, no matter how hard I try.

And now that I’ve had a taster of forever, I’m willing to risk everything to keep it.

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