Easter Eggs – the non-caloried kind


Easter Eggs – the non-caloried kind

by Kate

Kate’s 10 Favourite Movie Easter Eggs, in the order that she remembered them. Hope everyone has a safe and happy long weekend!

1. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
The best book, the best movie, and the best Easter Egg.

harrypottersex sceneDid you see it? Take a look at the bottom, left-hand side of the image. Is that a sexy little scene there in this PG movie? Why yes, yes I think it is!

2. Frozen
Disney is absolutely chock-full of self-referencing Easter Eggs (Hamm in WAll-E, Dumbo in Lilo & Stitch, Mickey Mouse in Aladdin), but this little disclaimer still tickles my funny bone, even after having seen it 1 439 298 times (count accurate at time of publication).

frozen-boogers3. All of the Marvel Movies. All of them.
Well, hello Stan Lee!

credit to FanPop.com
credit to FanPop.com

4. All of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies. All of them.
Well, hello, Alfred Hitchcock!

5. Star Trek 2009 reboot.
If you know me, you know I love me some speculative fiction, and I love me some Star Trek. You may also know that I’m generally against JJ Abrams being in charge of both the Star Trek and the Star Wars franchises. Star Trek and Star Wars are like parallel lines – they should never meet. Except in Easter Eggs that make me laugh. Then I’m OK with it.

r2-d26. X Marks the Spot in The Departed
The Departed is about as perfect a crime movie as you can get (yes, I know it’s based on a Japanese film Infernal Affairs. Let’s move on), and when I found out about this little visual cue throughout the movie, I had to watch it again. The only person who doesn’t have an X? Mark Wahlberg’s Sgt Dignam – the one character that survives the bloody battle between the police and the mob.
The-Departed7. Starbucks owns Fight Club
Probably you know about this one, but just in case – have you watched Fight Club? There is a Starbucks cup in every, single shot.
213427_v1Also, just in general, how fabulous is Helena Bonham-Carter?

8. George self-references in Out of Sight
If you haven’t seen Out of Sight, then you are only harming yourself. Everything you need to know about external conflict and sexual tension, you can learn from this movie. It also includes one of my favourite Easter Eggs: George Clooney’s mugshot in Out of Sight is from his film From Dusk Till Dawn. Jennifer Lopez’s character states, “It looks nothing like him”.

seth geckoRelated: how hot is George’s neck tattoo in From Dusk Till Dawn?

9. Veronica Mars Panders (and we love it)
It was one of the biggest KickStarter stories ever, and introduced a new generation to Veronica Mars. You bet I was sitting in the (ONE!) theatre that showed it (ONE TIME) in Melbourne. In the movie, as part of the introduction, Veronica Mars refers to herself as a marshmallow – a sly wink at the long-time fans of the show who refer to themselves as such, after a comment made by Wallace in the first season of the TV show.

Veronica-Calling-Herself-Marshmallow10. Rocky Horror Picture Show Inspires the Internet
Finally, how could I go past the Easter Egg that started it all! The cast of RHPS had themselves an Easter egg hunt, but didn’t manage to find them all. And that’s how a few ended up in the film – and where the whole concept of Easter Eggs began.
eggsHappy Easter!