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It’s all about the readers.

When we started Escape Publishing, we wanted to publish a wide variety of exciting, romantic stories across every genre and every setting. That was six years ago, and we are so happy to share our extensive catalogue through our new home at

No matter what kind of romance you enjoy, from suspense to sci-fi, new adult to fantasy, adventure, paranormal, erotic, historical, comedy, contemporary romance and more, you’ll find it here.

We’ve got stories to make you lose your place laughing, miss your bus stop in fascination, grip your e-reader too hard for fear the excitement might kill you, and cry happy tears of delight.

Want to be transported to another place and time, or inside another kind of life?

Want gripping reads that make you think, or sensual reads that fire your imagination?

Want short stories or continuing series, sweet stories to make you smile or hot stories that sizzle?

Want a guaranteed happy ending?

Come and Escape with us…