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Even More Authors Gave Us Their Social Isolation Reads


Even More Authors Gave Us Their Social Isolation Reads

We had so much fun asking Aussie and NZ authors which books are on their self-isolation reading piles that we decided to do it again! Check this bumper-list of books that are comforting, exciting, escapist, entrancing and intriguing, perfect for any isolation-mood , and picked by Australian and New Zealand authors!

Janet Gover

High on my TBR pile now are comfort reads or total escapism.

Reading now :

Echoes of the Runes by Christina Courtenay

This is a time slip with romance, Vikings and treasure – totally distracting romantic fantasy is just right to get my mind off the news.

Find it here

Next on the list are some small town favourites:

The Boundary Fence by Alissa Callen.

Stuck at home and indoors much of the time, I’m looking forward to losing myself in some wide open spaces.

Find it here

The Country Guesthouse by Robyn Carr.

A new Robyn Carr is always a joy and this may just send me back to read all the Virgin River books again.

Find it here

Christmas With Her Cowboy by Linda Lael Miller.

I didn’t quite get to this one at Christmas – but right now a Christmas story sounds like a fine idea.

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My comfort read:

Discworld series by Terry Pratchett

Top of my comfort reads list are all the Terry Pratchett Discworld books. All of them. They are wonderfully distracting, funny and heart-warming in their own way. And there are lots and lots of them, although like everyone, I’m hoping this crisis will all be over well before I’ve read them all.

Find it here 

Leisl Leighton

Reading is always one of my favourite things to do, but now with Covid-19 keeping us isolated and housebound, it’s now become a necessary activity for most people to help stave off boredom and the crushing sense of being isolated from the world and the people you love.
So, to help you build a great list of books to put on your TBR pile, I will share 5 books that I have read recently that I’ve really enjoyed:

The Duke and I by Julia Quinn

In truth, I’ve started to re-read the entire series. In times of difficulty, I often turn to books that are beloved and familiar and this series includes one of my favourite historical romance families and of course the irascible and funny Lady Danbury.

Find it here

Gluttony by Lana Pecherczyk

The 6th book in this fast paced and dynamic superhero romance series, Gluttony is full of world-class villains and even better heroes who manage to save the day and win the love of their fated mate. Honestly, Pecherczyk had me at superhero romance and fated mate!

Find it here

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

A funny and sexy exploration of what happens when a person on the autism spectrum meets the love of her life. This was recommended by a friend and it was funny and romantic and touching – well-worth the read.

Find it here

Marry in Secret by Anne Gracie

The 3rd novel in Gracie’s ‘Marriage of Convenience’ series has a rebel heiress, a lost love who returns to claim his revenge (and his bride), betrayal, love and redemption. Anne Gracie is always a must-read for me, but what better to whirl you away into a story where love, trust and friendship could conquer all?

Find it here

Wolf Rain by Nalini Singh

This is one I’m looking forward to reading. Nalini is one of my must haves, especially her Psy-Changeling and Guild Hunter series. Wolf Rain is the latest in her Trinity/Psy-Changeling series and follows the sexy and emotional story of shifter Alexei and psy Memory as they go up against an evil that could destroy the world. Can’t wait!

Find it here 

Of course, there’s many more books that I’ve read and loved recently, so if you want some more recommendations, contact me via Facebook or Twitter (@LeislLeighton). Happy reading!


Daniel De Lorne

I’m almost done with my two weeks’ mandatory quarantine in Perth following a trip to Chile and Antarctica (and an extended layover in Sydney). I can’t wait for it to be over so I can…sit at home some more.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of books to sink my teeth into when I’m looking for something to do. Here are five at the top of my list…

Where’d you go, Bernadette? by Maria Semple

A friend recommended the recent movie adaption with Cate Blanchett to me because Antarctica features so prominently in it. (In short: Antarctica is amazing.) I didn’t have access to the movie so I went for the book instead and loved it. Funny, poignant, creative, and kept me turning the pages.

Find it here 

The Alpha’s Warlock by Eliot Grayson

This book popped up as one that people who’d viewed my books on Amazon had also looked at so I thought I’d give it a shot too. Magic, men, mayhem…sounds like it’ll be my kind of thing.

Find it here

Bear, Otter, and the Kid by TK Klune

TJ Klune is one of the most popular authors in mm romance but I have to admit I haven’t read any of his work…yet. I’m going to give this one a go as it comes highly recommended. Who knows? This could be the start of a beautiful thing.

Find it here 

Lucifer’s Litigator by TJ Nichols

I love, love, love what TJ Nichols does with urban fantasy. The world-building is phenomenal, there’s a lot of high stakes shenanigans, and the man-on-man action is hot! Excited to see how this one casts its spell.

Find it here 

The Fifth Season by NK Jemisin

A fantasy series recommendation from a friend who doesn’t normally read fantasy and described it as “not dragons and kings and s***”. That’s good enough for me! The second book is already out too so if I get hungry for more I can keep going.

Find it here 

Happy quarantine reads!


Melanie Milburne

As a romance author, I often self-isolate in order to get to a deadline. Here are five of the books I’ve been reading -or on my list to read- while in lockdown.

Ten Doors Down by Robert Tickner

This was an amazing memoir of a man who always knew he was adopted but had never had the desire to find out much about his birth parents. But when he did go on a search later in life, he found out about his birth mother’s forced adoption and the far-reaching impact it had on her. It was profoundly moving and deeply emotional read, which is exactly what I want in a memoir. I find these kinds of books wonderful research for when I’m crafting my own characters.

Find it here

No Visible Bruises by Rachel Louise Snyder.

With frightening escalating rates of domestic violence in our community and across the world, there is a desperate need to understand how to recognise what constitutes domestic abuse and how to get help for victims, as well as understand what drives men (it is largely men) who commit these horrible crimes. This study is enlightening as the researcher actually interviewed the perpetrators in order to understand the beliefs that underpin their choice (it is always a choice) to act abusively towards those they proclaim to care about.
It is interesting at the moment to watch the panic about COVID-19 (and it is important we do take this health crisis very seriously) but a woman a week is killed in this country by her current or ex-partner but where is the panic? If this was happening to men across the world, I think there would be a much bigger outcry.

Find it here

Devil’s Cub by Georgette Heyer

Every couple of months, I nearly always do what I call a Retro-read, and one of my all-time favourite authors is Georgette Heyer. I have to admit I cringed a little over Vidal’s threats to whip Mary Challoner into obedience, especially in the light of the above book. But I was still able to enjoy the amusing twists and turns of the plot and of course, the brilliant happy ending. But it did show me how important it is the reread books as it demonstrates how much our thoughts on issues change over time.

Find it here

And next on my To Be Read list are:

Daring Greatly- How the Courage to be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead by Brene Brown

I am a fan of self-help books and love Ms Brown’s TED talks. This looks really interesting, especially as she dispels the widely held myth that vulnerability is a weakness. This is so at the heart of what romance authors do with their heroes- make him recognise and own his vulnerability. It is then, and only then, he can fully evolve emotionally and claim the love of his life.

Find it here 

Just an Ordinary Family by Fiona Lowe

I literally cannot wait to read this! I have loved every one of Fiona Lowe’s books and this I am sure will not disappoint. She is brilliant at complex characters and deeply emotional plots. I always try to free up block time to read her work, as I know I won’t want to put it down once I start.

Find it here 


Renée Dahlia 

I’ve noticed my reading during isolation has shifted away from contemporary fiction and into historical. I’ve even tried some paranormal books; which is completely new for me as a sub-genre. I’ve found that some are way too much paranormal stuff and not enough romance, but I have enjoyed two of them.

Spellbound by Allie Therin

Spellbound is utterly amazing. It’s an mm romance set in the 1920s in America, this book weaves a gorgeous romance with a magical mystery. I really enjoyed the way it dealt with class issues in the 1920s as well with one hero being wealthy and the other being very poor.

Find it here 

A Duet for Invisible Strings by LLinos Cathryn Thomas

I’m currently reading A Duet for Invisible Strings which is a lovely ff novella with some paranormal elements. If you love music, you’ll love this one. Another musical series I read before the lockdown is Twisted Wishes which begins with Syncopation by Anna Zabo, set around a rock band. It’s contemporary and I think the middle one is my favourite of the three in the series.

Find it here 

Two books I’m looking forward to reading are:

Where Fortune Lies by Mary-Anne O’Connor.

I read one of Mary-Anne’s books a couple of years ago, and her writing is very evocative and transports the reader back to the historical period, so I’m keen to escape reality and head back to an earlier time.

Find it here 

The Care and Feeding of Waspish Widows by Olivia Waite.

I adored Olivia’s The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics and have re-read it several times already. The only downside is that I have to wait until July. July, damnit!

Find it here 


Michelle Douglas

Okay, so I never stick to the rules. Here are three books I’ve recently finished and would highly recommend, two I’m currently reading, and three I can’t wait to get to.

I’ve just finished…

I’ve just finished reading Annie West’s Revelations of a Secret Princess—wonderfully intense and dramatic; Cathryn Hein’s Scarlett and the Model Man—so warm and emotional; and Amy Andrews’ Nothing But Trouble—sassy and sexy and laugh-out-loud funny.

I’m currently reading…

I’m currently reading Lucy Score’s Protecting What’s Mine. Her Rock Bottom Girl was one of my favourite reads of last year, and this one is also living up to expectations. Revision and Self-Editing by James Scott Bell is also sitting beside my armchair, because I’m addicted to writing craft books and am having fun reading a section of that a day.

I’m reading next…

And three books I’m really looking forward to reading next are Matt Bird’s The Secrets of Story (because of previously mentioned addiction), Gerald Durrell’s Fillets of Plaice (because we just cleaned out our bookcases and, as I love the TV series The Durrells, I started reading the first page and I’m hooked), and Jennifer Crusie’s Manhunting. Crusie is one of my favourite romance writers ever, and I haven’t read this one…yet.

If you still have room on your TBR pile after this bumper-list make sure you check out the fabulous books by all these authors!

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