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Everything That Happened On The Bachelor In Paradise Finale


Everything That Happened On The Bachelor In Paradise Finale

Author Kaneana May recaps all the drama and romance of the Bachelor in Paradise Australia finale

Only 3.5 weeks ago we were introduced to the first batch of contestants who entered Paradise, in search of love … yet again.



We’re offered up a teaser of what we can expect in this action-packed finale. A voice over tells us that tonight our couples get ready to make the final commitment. There is giddiness and promises of love to come …

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But it’s not all champagne and roses petals as we cut to Kiki, who is having trust issues in her relationship with Ciarran. It seems Mary has revealed some of Ciarran’s dirty secrets to Kiki, and she’s not happy! She offers him the opportunity to come clean about anything. She fears what she’ll find out once the show is ended and also feels like Ciarran will trade her in for someone else when he gets bored with her. This is more like the drama we’re used to!

But Ciarran tells her that she makes him happy – and he hasn’t felt like that with the other girls. He’s in it for the long haul and is falling in love with her. Kiki wants to swoon at this gesture but she’s still so torn – she wants to believe him … but just doesn’t know if she can. The viewers at home are most certainly yelling at their TV screens Don’t believe him, Kiki!

Some bright stock shots and a change of music takes us to a new day. The final four boys are hanging out around the pool, eager to share how their family ‘test’ days went.

Conor declares that he and Mary are in love and moving on to commitment. He is giddy and glowing and giggly! Aww …

Ciarran shares that he met Kiki’s mum, who grilled him after Kiki had been given some information. Matt is keen to know what has happened, as he’s heard some things too. Ciarran explains that Kiki was told that he slept with Abbie and then with Renee too. Ciarran denies sleeping with Abbie (but we do all remember that footage from the first episode, right, when there was definitely some fondling going on under the blankets?!)

Matt also says that he heard that Ciarran had told Renee that no one would ever replace her. There are tight expressions around the group as Ciarran says it isn’t true. Matt later tells the camera that he honestly thinks Ciarran believes his own lies.

Matt happily brags about how well his time with Renee’s family went. He explains how her grandparents were worried about Renee getting hurt again after her heartbreak with Ciarran. But Matt, with dimples on his face, grins as he says he got the tick of approval. Ciarran is grim as he takes in this news. As Matt goes on to say that he wants a future with Renee and politely warns Ciarran to give them a chance of having that, Ciarran rebuts that he isn’t going to come between them … but he could absolutely do just that if he wanted to. If he had any friends left, it looks like he just lost them.

Red-faced and seething, Ciarran moves away from the group. Matt ends up going after him, saying that he just wants Paradise to be over so he can continue on with his relationship with Renee. He doesn’t want any more of the drama. Ciarran reiterates that if he wanted to be with Renee, he’d be with her. Matt lays down his final thoughts, saying he doesn’t want Ciarran to contact Renee after the show.

Ciarran is seething and now worried about what Kiki has been told by the other girls.

Cut to:

The girls’ group. Kiki admits to camera that the being in the little group is like nails down a chalkboard. But she puts on a brave face and says how lucky they all are to have found someone. But the other girls’ faces don’t match her expression. By the way Renee is throwing down her champagne it looks like she’s attempting to prevent herself from saying anything. At hearing the news that Kiki is moving forward with Ciarran, despite EVERYTHING she’s been told, the rest of the girls are reeling in shock.

Kiki says she’s going with her gut instinct and giving him a second chance. The other three girls continue to shoot each other horrified expressions as they listen to this announcement. Renee can’t hold her tongue any more and tells Kiki that Ciarran has lied to her in the past too – three times! He also told her that no matter who arrived in the house, no one could replace her.

Kiki is getting hot and flustered and admits she’s infuriated. She’s been put through the wringer with him and feels like he’s making her look stupid. She’s been in two minds for two weeks now and she’s ready to back her bags and leave. Will she?

Ciarran is nervous about what Kiki has been told and is visibly nervous when the couple meet up. Kiki is looking for some truth from Ciarran because she’s been fed nothing but doubt by the girls about her relationship with him. He says none of the other people in Paradise mean anything to him and he has no qualms about never talking to them again. He tells Kiki he is falling in love with her but doesn’t need any of the extra stuff. He’ll give her his own commitment ring …

We see Kiki melt with his words. She admits that whenever she’s with Ciarran she feels like she’s the only girl in the world. She believes him and decides to leave, forgoing the commitment ceremony. With the weight of the world lifted up off their shoulders they walk out of Paradise together …

We have a few moments of hoping that perhaps they’ve made the right call, but … up pops a little graphic to tell the viewers at home that Ciarran and Kiki returned home, tried to make things work, but within weeks he ended the relationship and she hasn’t heard from him since. Poor Kiki!

Now that we’ve gotten the drama out of the way, we’re on to the lurve stories. Matt gives us a big of a recap on his Paradise journey. He was so excited to know that Renee was in the house and the feelings were clearly mutual. They fell for each other very quickly and managed to make their relationship move forward, despite the drama of having Renee’s ex, Ciarran, in the house too. Matt is sure he’s found his forever girl and is definitely falling in love with her.

Renee’s turn for a recap. She admits she never thought she’d find love in Paradise. After the drama with Ciarran being there too, she admitted that at first she wanted to leave. But she had an instant connection when Matt walked through the doors and now she knows all the things she deserves in a relationship: respect, love, loyalty. Matt is everything, even her soul mate.

Renee meets with Osher and gushes, gushes, gushes – about all the things we’ve just been told in the previous sequence. But this time she adds that you can find love in paradise. Matt doesn’t know this yet, but she’s about to tell him! Osher is so happy, so happy that she’s found what she came to paradise for. Did I mention that he’s so happy? Oh, Osher! Happy, happy, happy. We haven’t seen near enough of you this episode.

I missed you, Renee gushes when she sees Matt waiting for her at the ceremony. Matt lays it all on the line and declares that he knows she’s the girl for him. He’s falling in love with her and offers her a commitment ring. We now hear Renee tell Matt all the things she’s told the camera, and what she’s also told Osher … it does tend to lose its shine on the third retelling. But, wearing their new commitment rings, they kiss and tell each other they’re in love. Matt wants to be with her for life. Renee proclaims, I’m leaving Paradise with the love of my life. A happy couple and happy producers!

Mary recaps her love story with Conor. It wasn’t love at first sight, but she quickly changed her mind. Her big personality seemed to complement his quieter one. They fell for each other hard and have already whispered those magical words I love you. Conor believes he’s made a connection with Mary that will last forever. He’s never fallen for someone as quickly as he’s fallen for her. He’s so excited for the future; his dream is to settle down and start a family with her.

Mary is greeted by Osher, who she tells she is nervous but also excited. She cries as she remembers feeling really low in her first few days in Paradise. But that all changed when she met Conor – she’s in lurve! And there could be a wedding in the future. Osher is happy, again, that Mary can proudly say she has a boyfriend that she’s in love with! Love, love, love.

As Mary walks in to meet Conor, she feels like she’s getting married. They’re both so nervous but ground each other by taking each other’s hands and looking into one another’s eyes. Mary melts as she hears Conor talk about her. He’s in love with her and has never been so sure of anything in his life. He presents her with a commitment ring. Mary then tells him all the things she loves about him too. She can’t wait to spend time with him on the outside and for him to meet her daughter on the outside. Another ring, another kiss, another love you, another I’m so happy!

It’s time for Alisha and Glenn’s love story. With an immediate attraction for one another, they connected early on. There was heat and passion, but an emotional connection too. Glenn tells us that he now believes in love at first sight. He never thought he’d meet someone like her – someone that would make him feel like this. She’s so ready to commit to him. But she’s worried that it seems too good to be true. The producers try to plant a seed of doubt in our minds here … but we’re not fooled!

Osher time! Alisha, grinning widely, recaps her story again. After her disappointment on last year’s season of Paradise, she came with an open heart and a knowledge that she deserves love. Pushing her old insecurities to the side, she walks toward Glenn and her happy ending.

Glenn gushes, gushes, gushes. He was a sceptic until her. She’s the most beautiful and intelligent women he’s ever known AND …. he loves her! Kiss, ring exchange and Alisha’s turn … Lots of lovely phrases thrown around, but the bottom line is: she’s in love too! She offers Glenn a commitment ring, which represents the life they could build together. They kiss again and again and again. They got their love story!

Wow, BIP! The producers would be clinking their champagne glasses as these three couples walking off into the sunset with their new love blossoming love. (Let’s just hope the tabloids don’t tell us differently tomorrow).

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Kaneana May

Kaneana May studied television production at university, graduating with first-class honours in screenwriting. She went on to work in television, including roles as a script assistant on All Saints, a storyliner on Headland and a scriptwriter on Home and Away. Since becoming a mother, Kaneana has turned her attention to fiction writing. Kaneana loves to read—mostly YA, romance and women’s fiction—and also loves watching TV and films. Writing, boot camp, coffee, chocolate and champagne are just some of her favourite things. Kaneana lives on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales with her husband and three children.

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