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Everything To Remember from Love Life Season 1


Everything To Remember from Love Life Season 1

Series 2 of Love Life, which charts the journey from first love to lasting love, drops on 28 October, with a brand-new main character. The teaser shows us Marcus Watkins (Good Place actor William Jackson Harper) drowning his heart-broken sorrows, in a bar … a bar where Darby Carter (Anna Kendrick), the heroine of Series 1, is partying in a wedding dress.

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This means the timelines and stories overlap, with this bar/wedding scene sitting about half-way on the Series 1 timeline. It’s Darby’s wedding to man-baby Magnus Lund. I’ve deducted this because a) Nick Thune, who played short-lived husband Magnus, is once again in the cast, and b) because the trailer shows us a happy, end-of-Series 1 Darby telling Marcus ‘It’s all worth it’.

So great to see more Darby.


WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

To recap Series 1, Darby starts as a museum guide in NYC post-College, looking for personal validation in love – that is, in the men she dates. First up is hipster journo Augie Jeong, who she – and we – love. But he moves away, and a year later she hooks up with her ex-boss Bradley Field. She and her friends Sara Yang (Zoe Chao) and Mallory Moore (Sasha Compere) enjoy his grown-up apartment (think laundry room and top-notch booze) until Darby drinks too much bourbon and vomits at Bradley’s father’s wake. Exit Bradley.

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Darby takes a fine art auction house job, scrolls through a bunch of men (memorable: the tragic Danny Two-Phones), and sadly meets and marries Magnus. When Darby is promoted the same day Magnus loses his job as a chef, the relationship sours, but she stays because LOVE. He lies, he drinks, he wastes her money. It takes a meeting with her high school first love, Luke Ducharme (who treated her so badly that she faked cancer) for Darby to realise Magnus is not her only option.


Darby grows up, mends her relationship with her narcissistic mother, risks jer secure income by moving to the gallery job she always wanted. Female friends are core to her life, and now, after drunken disasters at Mallory’s bachelorette party, she pushes her alcohol and drug-addicted bestie Sara to go to rehab.

We lose sight of Sara for an episode while Darby and Augie get back together. Ultimately they decide their differences are greater than their similarities. But now they’ll always have something in common … Darby is pregnant. Two years later, Darby and Augie co-parent baby Theo (you guessed right, she parents more than he does). On her first night off since motherhood, Darby attends the wedding of a now-sober Sara, and meets charming, handsome Grant (Kingsley Ben-Adir). A few weeks’ later, following Darby’s huge success as a curator of a brilliant exhibition, she meets Grant again and the narrator (the wonderful Lesley Manville) tells us that at last Darby has found ‘her person’.


No news on whether we meet Grant again in Series 2, but Sara, Mallory and their respective (ex)partners are in the cast. Can’t wait!

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By Nicola Robinson
Featured Image Credit: HBO Max

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