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Everything You Need To Know Before Bachelor In Paradise Premieres


Everything You Need To Know Before Bachelor In Paradise Premieres

For months we have waited with bated breath as Channel 10 has repeatedly teased that Bachelor In Paradise is ‘coming soon.’ And with the release of the latest teaser trailer we are praying that ‘soon’ actually means soon this time.

With a string of contestants being confirmed by 10, and through an extensive deep-dive scene-by-scene analysis of each trailer, we have complied a list to help reintroduce you to this year’s contestants.

So without further adieu, let’s relive the cast’s most memorable and dramatic moments for no other reason than because we simply love the tea.

Abbie Chatfield

Why we remember her: Abbie has been a household name since the previews for Matt Agnew’s season, which advertised her response to Agnew’s assertion of being an astrophysicist with, “I’m a Gemini.” Iconic.

However, her most dramatic moment is undoubtedly when she was dumped by Agnew in the season finale. Her exit interview moments later showed a completely shocked Abbie claiming that she was more frustrated about her flight home and that she was totally already “over it.”

Why we stan her: Abbie is a confident woman who is not afraid to speak her mind and call out the other contestants. Let’s not forget the infamous dog c*** scenario. Whether you love her or hate her Abbie is definitely one of our TV favourites.


Timm Hanly

Why we remember him: Who can forget the moment Australia united to put their sunflowers out for Timm after his heartbreaking reaction to placing second in Angie Kent’s season of the Bachelorette? Timm was a complete larrikin and when his heart broke in front of a nation, so did ours. Fingers crossed Timm can find his lady in paradise this year.

Why we stan him: Timm has been a fan favourite since he accidentally flashed his goods to Kent while dressed as a lobster in the most questionable Bachelorette photoshoot we have ever seen.

Ciarran Stott

Why we remember him: Ciarran was an early front-runner on Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorette. He is easily recognizable as one of the most stylish contestants we have ever seen, always wearing something extravagant to the rose ceremonies (his pink paisley suit was a deep favourite of mine). His most dramatic moment was his tearful farewell to Kent after quitting the show due to the passing of his grandma.

Why we stan him: Ciarran is beloved by Australia for volunteering to pose nude in an artistic group date. Need we say more?

Brittany Hockley

Why we remember her: Brittany Hockley made an instant connection with Bachelor/Honey Badger Nick Cummins after bonding about both hailing from Port Macquarie and pondering whether they had met before on the red carpet. Without a doubt her most dramatic moment was being dumped by Honey Badger in the finale, causing the season to end without a winner and a love story for the first time.

Why we stan her: After handling her break up from Cummins so graciously we fell in love with Brittany all over again when she insisted producers take her to visit fellow finalist Sophie Tieman, to break the shocking news to her.


Jamie Doran

Why we remember him: Ahhh Jamie, the 36 year old self-confessed ‘stage five clinger’, also from Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorette. Jamie is best known for being extremely intense, giving Angie weird gifts like socks… and always being overlooked for a single date. HMMMMMM I WONDER WHY?

Why we stan him: We don’t.


Glenn Smith

Why we remember him: To be honest we don’t really remember Glenn from Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorette, so we are hoping that we have the chance to in paradise.

Why we stan him: Glenn was mistaken for Jarrod Woodgate during an early ad for Bachelor in Paradise, prompting Jarrod to publicly deny claims that he would be appearing on the show and would not “make the same mistake thrice.” We thank you Glenn for this hilarious mix up.

Mary Viturino

Why we remember her: Unfortunately for us all, Mary did not spend much time in the Bachelor mansion before being booted off Matt Agnew’s season, but we remember her for her fantastic commentary. Her most hilarious moment was during the group date photoshoot when she unbuttoned her ‘ugly stepsister’ costume and revealed her bra to Matt in the hope of spicing things up.

Why we stan her: Like we said, we live for Mary’s commentary and can’t wait to see what she has to say about absolutely everyone in Paradise. Hopefully she also has the opportunity to engage in some romance herself this time.


* BIG mood *

Helena Sauzier

Why we remember her: Helena finished third in Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor. She is known for being constantly insecure in her feelings towards Matt, which began when he failed to recall that she could speak French during her hometown. Helena had to awkwardly remind Matt that she had in fact spoken French during their first encounter on the red carpet which ultimately lead to her threatening to leave multiple times.

Why we stan her: Because her dad, the French mobster with an accent to boot, was the coolest thing to happen during that season of The Bachelor and we can only hope he makes further appearances during Paradise.


Brittney Weldon

Why we remember her: Despite having a short stint on Nick Cummins’ season of The Bachelor, which included a fully clothed dive into the pool during a cocktail party in a failed attempt to gain Cummins’ attention, Brittany won the heart of Australia during last years season of Bachelor in Paradise for her hilarious antics. Unfortunately, her time on the show came to an end when Ivan Krslovic passed her over for his rose, but we are hoping she is more successful at finding love this time around.

Why we stan her: Everything that comes out of Brittney’s mouth is absolute comedy gold and we refuse to hear otherwise. She is our Queen.


Jessica Brody

Why we remember her: Jessica appeared as an intruder during Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor but failed to make much of an impression and was sent home without a rose in week two. We are excited to get to know her and hope that her stay in Paradise is outlasts her time in the Bachelor mansion.

Why we stan her: Can we stan her simply because her tattoos are cool? Asking for a friend…

Cassandra Mamone

Why we remember her: If you’re failing to recall Cassandra she graced our screens during Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor. Her best moment in the spotlight was when she was granted the honour of posing with Matt alone during the photoshoot group date. Unfortunately for Cass the whole encounter was just awkward…

Why we stan her: Her profession as a jewellery designer is very cool (seriously check out her Insta page) and we hope to see some of her creations in Paradise.



Also rumored to be joining the cast this year are (ranked by how excited I am about the prospect of them gracing my TV screen again):

  1. Keira Maguire
  2. Soghand Mohat
  3. Renee Barett
  4. Niranga Amarasinghe
  5. Kiki Morris
  6. Julia Hyde

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See ya in Paradise!


By Elizabeth Dobb
Image via Channel 10

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