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Exclusive Excerpt: Fractured Refuge


Exclusive Excerpt: Fractured Refuge

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They thought they’d found a refuge, but the battle for survival has only just begun…

You don’t need to think,’ a female voice whispered.

Euan pulled from Nick’s embrace and looked up.

His attention latched onto an apparition who stood in the doorframe. A female prodigy of indefinable value. A look of disquiet and concern was etched in her features. Kira’s eyes were serious, a reflection of the moment and the feelings that swirled around the room.

She seemed to float towards him. A fantasy in truth. An illusion made real. In her eyes he saw the beginning and end of all things. In her eyes he saw their future. Not his future, because that was over, but the future of the human race. This tenacious, driven, little platinum-blonde spitfire was going to drag humanity back into civility. Kicking and screaming.

Euan’s only job now was clear the path for her.

She stood alongside Nick. Her concentration didn’t waver. She studied him. She comprehended the character of the small, indistinguishable creatures he thought he’d hidden deep within his soul.

Euan had stood before men with weapons of steel and wood that were held comfortably in their fists. He’d taken the lives of men to save them from destruction. He’d stood on the cliff of humanity’s destruction and watched as it imploded. And yet, when he met the crystal-blue eyes of the tiny woman before him, he was naked, childlike, vulnerable.

Trust us,’ Nick beseeched.

Euan’s gaze flicked between Kira and Nick. He swallowed. Trust them? Could he? His stomach tightened.

Kira’s hands were now on his head. But this time, there was a sensual element. They explored his broad shoulders, his neck. They gently pried under his fingers so she could hold his hands in hers.

Then she knelt so they were eye to eye.

He was going to implode. He was. He knew it. As much as he knew that his heart was filled with the love for both of them, in this moment, his body and mind couldn’t manage the dichotomy of the love for them, and the hate for himself.

Her gaze was all encompassing. ‘We’re going to love you.’

No.’ His voice broke on the single word.

Her voice consumed his world. ‘You’re going to let us.’

You can’t—’

Delicate fingers were placed over his lips. ‘I can. We can. We do.’

No,’ Euan mumbled as his heart shattered.

She whispered, ‘Yes.’

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