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Fake Dating… Real Feelings


Fake Dating… Real Feelings

Fake dating, fake engagements and the like have got to be some of the most fun romance tropes around. All that forced proximity and delicious tension when ‘pretend’ morphs into ‘pretending it’s not real’. Happy sighs!

As Ally Blake’s ‘Fake Engagement’ hits bookshelves in the Faking It omnibus (grab it in ebook and paperback) we take a look at some of the best fake lover books and movies so you can get your fix.


Sloane (Emma Roberts) and Jackson (Aussie hunk Luke Bracey) agree to be one another’s platonic plus-ones at a year’s worth of holiday events. Only to slowly realise they have actual feelings for one another. Awwww.

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To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

An unlikely friendship ensues after jock Peter finds out bookish Lara Jean once had a crush on him—but doesn’t now, of course—and he asks her to pretend-date him in order to make his ex-girlfriend jealous. Utterly gorgeous flick, with two follow ups that are just as good. Adorable book, and adorable movie, so take you pick.

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When Claire goes back in time, landing in 18th century Scotland, the only way to stay safe is to go beyond mere fake dating, and real marry handsome young buck, Jamie. This leads to one of the most deliciously intense—and fan-your-face spicy—episodes of television. Season one, episode seven. You’re welcome.

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The Wedding Date

Also based on a book (because books really are the best!) The Wedding Date is about serial-singleton, Kat, who hires an escort, Nick, to pose as her boyfriend at her friend’s wedding, only for them to—you guessed it—develop honest-to-goodness mushy feelings for one another!

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And now for some books…

Fake Engagement With The Billionaire by Ally Blake

Their engagement was supposed to be fake…but the attraction brewing between them is becoming all too real! Find out what happens in Ally Blake’s latest romance!

When, after a rather fabulously raucous night out, old friends Petra and Sawyer are photographed in a compromising position, despite the fact it had been entirely innocent, they are forced to lean into the story that they are together in order to avoid scandal.  Naturally this brings up all the warm, sparkly feely feelings that have been lying in wait between them for years, and they end up … Well, no spoilers. (Edit: okay, fine, they fall madly in love.)

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The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Best Romance (2021)

A slow burn, Booktok darling, The Love Hypothesis follows STEMinist Olive, who kisses science guy Adam to convince her best friend that she’s no longer into her ex. Which leads to rumours Olive and Adam are dating. Which leads to an agreed-upon fake engagement for reasons. Which leads to … true luuuurve, of course.

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The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

Goodreads Choice Award Winner for Best Romance (2018)Nominee for Best Debut Author (2018)

A heartwarming and refreshing debut novel that proves one thing: there’s not enough data in the world to predict what will make your heart tick.

Stella has never been a big fan of touchy-feely stuff, and, deciding all she needs is practice, she hires a professional. Escort, Michael, comes to the party.  Only, through their lessons, they both find true intimacy. *Sob*.

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Faking It To Making It by Ally Blake

When uber-eligible bachelor Nate needs to keep his meddlesome sisters off his case, he joins a dating app in order to find a fake girlfriend. Enter statistical analyst Saskia, who joins the same dating app for research purposes—the search for a Love Formula. Does she find it? Of course, she does; with Nate. Yay!

‘Ally’s writing is so fun and joyful and flirty and girly and romantic and emotional and I adored this book. ‘ Goodreads review

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So, lots of lovely juicy fun fabulous fake dating movies and books to try.

Have at it!


Australian romance author Ally Blake has a thing for strong hot coffee, adores fluffy white clouds and bright blue skies, and is smitten with the glide of a soft, dark pencil over really good notepaper. She also loves writing warm, witty, whimsical love stories. With more than forty books published, and having sold over four million copies of her novels worldwide, she is living her dream.

Alongside one handsome husband, their three spectacular children, and too many animal companions to count, Ally lives and writes in the leafy western suburbs of Brisbane.

More about her books at

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Will ‘faking it’ lead to making it?

Fake Engagement – Ally Blake

Her first crush…is now her fake fiancé!

When Petra bumps into billionaire Sawyer, it’s thrilling to see him again. As photos of him mock-proposing surface, they decide to go with the misconception. An ‘engagement’ could be beneficial to them both, and him staying in her apartment makes it even more believable! But living with her late brother’s best friend means confronting their past…and a sizzling spark that is far too real…

Island Temptation – Rachael Stewart

A summer fling…or something more?

Jessie Rose is shocked by the instant chemistry she feels when she meets billionaire Joel in Mustique. She’s come looking for an escape, and brooding Joel is very clear he’s not looking for anything permanent. But letting their guards down while exploring the island together, they can’t deny their fling is dangerously close to being a temptation they may not be able to walk away from…

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