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Falling for Christmas is completely ridiculous, at times grating, and yet still immensely watchable. Here’s why…


Falling for Christmas is completely ridiculous, at times grating, and yet still immensely watchable. Here’s why…

I always kickstart my Christmas movie watching on 1 December … no earlier, no later (although I confess to sneaking in my Christmas decorations well before then).  So there I was happily scrolling through Netflix when Falling for Christmas caught my eye because my debut novel is called Falling for the KingI mean, really, how could I resist? That’s right … I couldn’t!

1.5 hours later, I can safely say Falling for Christmas is completely ridiculous, at times grating, and yet still immensely watchable. Here’s why:

The cast

Okay, I’ll address the proverbial elephant in the room … it stars Lindsay Lohan, her first film in some time, apparently. She does her role justice – a spoilt heiress (Sierra) who is completely out of touch with reality … a bit like Lindsay? Who knows! The rest of the cast is unknown to me, but all play their roles as well as can be expected within the parameters of the cheesy script, and in some cases have fun with it, especially Sierra’s influencer fiancé Tad.

The setting

Think snowcapped mountains, an uber-luxurious ski resort, a quaint ski lodge, Christmas markets, Santa Claus … you get the idea. I can almost smell the open fireplace and hot chocolate, although neither are wanted during the Australian summer.

The tropes

Throw in amnesia, forced proximity, fish out of water, a love triangle … this film has a bit of everything, really.  And although parts are extremely implausible, they are well-known (and loved) tropes for a reason … they tug at your heartstrings, even when clichéd.   

Underlying themes

Father–daughter relationships: The hero Jake is a great dad to his adorable young daughter, Avy.  And so is the mogul Beauregard Belmont, Sierra’s dad, who only wants to see her happy.

Little girls growing up without their mums: Both Sierra and Avy lost their mums when they were little and the impact was huge, even with good dads who try their absolute best.

Finding your purpose: By the end of the movie Sierra has found hers, and Jake the hero has learnt to love again and the power of fighting for what you want.  

I’m glad I watched it, and if you want 90 minutes of pure escapism, fabulous clothing (sigh, Sierra’s wardrobe in the first part of the movie), some laughs, a few groans and an absolutely adorable ending, Falling for Christmas is for you. 

How did it compare to Falling for the King you ask?  Well, it’s also set during winter (and there is a snow storm that traps King Xavier and Princess Katerina in the winter palace overnight). But it’s definitely not cheesy, there’s no love triangle nor one ounce of amnesia. There is, however, a King who puts duty before everything else, and a Princess who will never risk her heart again. That leads to one hell of a battle as they try to resist falling for each other during a month long royal tour.


After years of inner-city Sydney living, Clare Miles moved to the stunning Illawarra Coast into a retro apartment that has enough original features to give her a new appreciation for the colour orange.

A life-long lover of history, cats and Elvis, it’s no surprise she has a degree in history, a rescue cat who’s definitely boss of the household, and an endless supply of memories from attending the Parkes Elvis Festival (numerous times). And she’d recommend all three!

Career-wise, from her very first job delivering papers with her brothers, through working at Macca’s with her bestie, to the countless jobs she held in the corporate world … she always dreamt of being a published author and is beyond thrilled that this dream has come true.

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When love and duty compete, which will win?

King Xavier of Maynet doesn’t believe in love: he’s had enough experience to know it can’t be trusted. But he does believe in duty and knows he’ll choose a wife as tradition dictates. However, when his late brother’s widow joins him on a month-long royal tour of Maynet he develops feelings for her deeper than anything he’s ever known or believed possible, and he finds himself spending more time thinking about her than any prospective bride.

Princess Katerina won’t ever risk her heart again after the humiliation of her marriage. Instead, she’s dedicating her life to the betterment of her beloved adopted country, Maynet. Yet she finds herself attracted to Xavier in a way that threatens all her careful plans, and the more time they spend together the stronger their connection gets.

As time runs out for Xavier to choose a wife, will he realise what he feels for Katerina is love and that she’s more important than any tradition? Can Katerina trust herself and her feelings for Xavier and demand what she truly deserves, someone who loves her?

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