Feel-Good Friday: the love of Pocahontas


Feel-Good Friday: the love of Pocahontas

by Kate

Today, in romance history, Pocahontas married John Rolfe.

pocahontasNo, not this one.

marriage of pocahontasThis one.

Here’s what John Rolfe had to say, in a letter wherein he agonised about the relationship:

Besides, I say the holy spirit of God often demaunded of me, why I was created?

If not for transitory pleasures and worldly vanities, but to labour in the Lords vineyard, there to sow and plant, to nourish and increase the fruites thereof, daily adding witt the good husband in the Gospell, somewhat to the tallent, that in the end the fruites may be reaped, to the comfort of the laborer in this life, and his salvation in the world to come? And if this be, as undoubtedly this is, the service Jesus Christ requireth of his best servant: wo unto him that hath these instruments of pietie put into his hands and wilfillly despiseth to worke with them. Likewise, adding hereunto her great apparance of love to me, her desire to be taught and instructed in the knowledge of God, her capablenesse of understanding, her aptnesse and willingnesse to receive anie good impression, and also the spirituall, besides her owne incitements stirring me up hereunto.

What should I doe?

(reference: Virtual Jamestown site)