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Firefly Lane Season Two: Part Two. FINALLY!


Firefly Lane Season Two: Part Two. FINALLY!

Yes, our fabulous Firefly Lane girls are ready to rock our world once again as part two of Season Two is here, at last – part one of Season Two screened in December 2022, if you need to catch up.

It took me two weeks to find time to watch it, but that was necessary so I could binge all seven episodes at once. And I was so glad I did.

Drama, laughs, tears…oh my! I ran the gauntlet of emotions every single episode and did not want it to end. Especially knowing what was coming! So, what happened? Well, here are the big moments from the final episodes.


Kate and Johnny remarry.

In part one of this final season it looked like Kate and Johnny were never going to reconnect and overcome the obstacles that kept coming at them, left, right and centre! Thankfully, that’s all put to rest and they do make it back down the aisle with a beautiful and funny ceremony that had me in tears and laughing aloud.

I was born in the seventies so the music from this show was literally the soundtrack to my life too. And when Johnny starts to sing ‘Mandy’ by Barry Manilow, it’s such a beautiful moment and hilarious too because a) thanks to a flashback we know Kate considers it to be the most romantic song of all time, and b) ‘Mandy’ becomes Mularkey and nothing rhymes, and Johnny can’t carry a tune to save his life, but it made my heart literally swell.

Tully and Kate reunite.

Of course, these two were always going to become best friends again (Firefly Lane girls forever, remember?) and it’s Kate’s cancer diagnosis that brings on their reunion, although it’s a full twelve months before it happens! To be fair, Tully was in Antarctica, which makes for crap reception, and when she finally returns to civilisation she has eighteen messages from Kate on her phone. She rocks up at the house and Johnny is shocked when he opens the door, but stands down when Tully simply says, ‘she called me.’

Due to chemo Kate is completely bald, and Tully is understandably shocked as she had no idea what her friend was going through thanks to the big hoo-hah over the car accident that involved Marah. But they embrace at last, and I’m a blubbering mess as my Tully and Kate universe aligns once more.

80s glam, the soundtrack and the loss of a ball!

I’ve previously mentioned how much I love the soundtrack to this show, and part two was another fabulous addition. Joni Mitchell, ABBA, Fleetwood Mac, Salt-N-Pepa! The list goes on and on and seriously needs to be on repeat. Forever.

Equally fabulous are the costumes, and Kate and Tully simply rock the eighties vibe perfectly. One small point, which grated on me, was the wardrobe folks thinking that just because Johnny is an Aussie, he must be wearing something that alludes to his home country. They did it in the last season and continued the theme again, so we see a NRL Cowboys jersey, as well as a Sydney 2000 Olympics jumper. In one scene there was a fancy dress party, and I would not have been surprised had they dressed him up as Mick Dundee!

Lastly, we mustn’t forget poor Theo – the British dude who, if you recall, Kate got engaged to in part one. He seemed to be absolutely perfect. And he was! But Kate and Johnny’s love for one another was boundless and, thankfully, they both woke up to themselves, albeit only a couple of weeks before Kate and Theo were going to be married, because we can’t rush these things, right?

The end of their relationship had me in absolute tears…of laughter, that is! Even now I’m still chortling as I recall Theo hopping into the shower thinking it’s Kate behind the curtain (it’s Johnny…cue shrieks!) and Theo crashes to the floor, thus suffering a very unfortunate and painful testicle mishap!

Tully and Danny get together…for keeps.

It doesn’t happen straight away. In fact, it’s season end when these two finally admit they love each other and are ready to make a go of it. This comes after Danny proposes to his girlfriend Celeste, who says yes but then is also confused. To make things even more confusing, she then kisses Tully! And while I’m still picking my jaw up off the ground, Danny and Celeste’s engagement is over and he and Tully are back in each other’s arms.

As mentioned, they fully commit to each other at the end, but only after Danny says he’s moving back to New York because Tully hadn’t contacted him once while she was away. Her excuse: she was looking after Kate, and, sure, that was important, but so is her relationship with Danny. Thankfully, Tully realises what she did was wrong and these two finally work things out!

Kate dies!

I did say there would me major spoilers so if you’re reading this and haven’t seen the episode, don’t say I didn’t warn you! We all knew it was coming, especially if you had read the book. And it is as heartbreaking as I had imagined it would be. It was also fitting because Kate was with Tully at the end, although sadly she was alone when she took her last breath because Tully picked the wrong time to go refill her cup of tea!

While Tully is inside, Kate is on the back deck, enjoying the amazing vista surrounding her, and looking very much at peace. She also looks quite ill, which is a given since her death is nigh, but I can’t help but think the make-up team went that little bit too far with the grey shading to her face.

And then Kate simply closes her eyes and we know it’s over, and Tully returns to find her and I have to pause the show because I need more tissues!

What else did we learn…

  • The wedding that was shown in previous episodes turns out to be Marah’s!
  • Young Tully tries to hook up with a teacher!
  • Lisa-Karen, the annoying girl we hated from season one, is actually not that annoying, and just when we’re beginning to like her, she dies! Struck by lightning! Ouch!
  • Young Kate falls for a boy who turns out to be a jerk, and although things get hot and heavy between them, she gets a backbone finally and stands up for herself. Yay Kate!
  • But the trophy for the most notable — and gobsmacking — mention would be Cloud coming to the rescue for practically everyone and turning out to be both dependable and sensible. Shocking, I know!

So, with the last notes of ‘Dancing Queen’ playing in my head, it’s time to say goodbye to Firefly Lane and two of the most formidable female characters I’ve ever met. Kudos to Sarah Chalke and Katherine Heigl for making me love Kate and Tully so much and wish I too were a Firefly Lane girl…forever.

Written by Jo-Ann Milne

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