Five Things I Learned Writing SF Romance


Five Things I Learned Writing SF Romance

by SE Gilchrist

Actually I’ve learned a lot more than five things since I first started to write science fiction romance. The best one is that in the name of research I have the ultimate excuse to buy all the sci fi movies and TV shows I can afford!

However I won’t keep you here for three days, so I’ll focus on my next release, When Stars Collide and only mention five.

  • Tying up all those loose ends is hard.
    The external story line in my Darkon Warriors series is based on the war between the Darkons and their enemies the Relics who had aligned themselves with the Elite Forces. So in When Stars Collide the war finally comes to an end, I had to remember who to re-introduce into the story, what story threads I’d left hanging, what I still wanted to remain a mystery so I can use that snippet in another story. And I had to decide, how the hell am I going to do it?


  • Sci fi romance has a fascinatingly wide scope where anything can happen.
    A writer can explore awesome stuff like: manipulation of fetus DNA, test-tube babies, futuristic weapons and technology, space battles, interplanetary mining, adventure, space craft, and different worlds, such as volcanic planets and ice planets. My series features draptiles that drool acid and coda worms that first stun with an electrical charge than strangle their victim. Then there’s always politics and religion.


  • I love writing bad guys (and gals, for that matter).
    I love their twisty little minds, their sneaky underhanded actions, their selfishness, their complete lack of empathy, the way they insinuate themselves into the story as nice characters and suddenly reveal themselves as a villain – and yes, that happened in When Stars Collide. It took me by surprise.


  • Pretending to be a contortionist bubble dancer so I can choreograph moves was NOT a good idea; evidenced by the hilarity experienced by my family and my aching joints!
    Even my dogs wondered what the heck I was doing.Last Xmas my kids and I went to see this amazing show, Empire by Spiegelworld where Australian contortionist, Lucia Carbines, did an act inside a bubble. Volla! When I began to write, When Stars Collide, I just knew Reece had to be a contortionist bubble dancer.bubble dancer
  • Writing sex / love scenes is NOT getting any easier.
    Really there is only so many times you can describe the actual act. It isn’t going to change unless I write in some strangely shaped male alien with shall we say, an additional appendage! (Now that’s an idea.) But what I do love about these scenes, is the opportunity to either strengthen the characters’ relationship or shatter it. There is nothing like making your characters suffer.Or giving them the moon wrapped up in love.

What’s your favourite aspect of science fiction romances? I’d love to hear what readers think of this genre.

And if you haven’t read one yet – I hope I’ve spiked your curiosity.

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