Five ways ‘Night’s at St Mary’s’ will keep you hot under the collar


Five ways ‘Night’s at St Mary’s’ will keep you hot under the collar

by Amanda Canham

The Night’s at St Mary’s series is a set of sweet, sensual, sleep medicine romance novels about modern women and the delicious doctors that steal their hearts. These dedicated professionals have deeply emotional journeys – but they don’t forget to have a little fun along the way.

  • They talk about arousals. A Lot.

Cortical arousals, not tumescent. (… unless you’re coming in for a nocturnal penile tumescent study (NPT), but that’s a whole other story.)

  • They can do it anywhere, any time.

In the lab; on the ward; on someone else’s ward; in your home(…of course, I’m talking about polysomnographic (PSG) studies, where they’ll monitor your cortical and respiratory functions throughout the night.)

  • You can’t breathe without them

If you suffer from sleep apnoea you stop breathing and need their treatments to keep your airways open during the night. (… and if you’re lucky, they could always strap this sexy CPAP mask to your nose.) cpapmask

  •  They spend their days scoring.

Quite literally, that is a scientist’s job. Scoring arousals. All day. (… let’s just think about that for a moment.)

  • And, finally, have you met the doctor’s at St Mary’s hospital?

No? Well, let me introduce you to Dr Cam, our Paed’s man.

19719And last month we got to meet his best mate, Dr Travis in A Heart Worth Mending. (… he can mend my heart any day of the week.)

For a fun night in, join the crew at St Mary’s sleep lab! I’ll see you there.

XX Amanda

19719For lovers of Marion Lennox and Fiona Lowe comes a sweet, touching novel about secret desires and second chances, set in the intriguing world of sleep medicine.

Dr Cameron Lewis has been running from his past for a long time, so when a career opportunity opens up in his hometown of Brisbane, he takes it as a sign to move home and pick up the pieces of his life. But his vow to never have a child remains steadfast — it’s the one thing he can’t compromise on.

Nurse Stacey Carter has always craved a family of her own, and, following a bitter divorce and the death of her mother, she finally decides to make her dreams come true. She doesn’t need a man to help, but she can’t help thinking that the new doctor in the Sleep Medicine ward might be the ideal alternative…


22545Delve back into the exciting world of St Mary’s hospital in this new contemporary romance from Amanda Canham that introduces two sleep-medicine doctors, one sexy beach interlude and a workplace romance that’s sure to leave you feeling a whole lot better.

Crippled by guilt, Sleep Physician Doctor Kelli Maloney is only going through the motions of her life each day. A startling encounter with a sexy stranger jolts her back into the present, but brings all the pain she’s been trying to forget to the fore.

Doctor Travis Reed is struggling to maintain an interstate relationship with his son when he meets Kelli, a woman so beautiful, but so wounded. He knows he can help, if only she would let him in.

As doctors, they spend their days caring for others, but it seems impossible that they will ever get past their individual pain and start caring for themselves. A chance at love and happiness is right in front of them, if only they can both take the chance to heal each other’s hearts.

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