Gateway to Romance: Kerrie Paterson


Gateway to Romance: Kerrie Paterson

by Kerrie Paterson

I have to admit to being a bit of a late starter when it came to reading romance. As a tween I was more interested in reading Trixie Belden than anything “soppy” (although there was the whole Trixie – Jim romance subplot so maybe that’s where it began!) On a side note, I have just found out there is a whole world of Trixie Belden fanfiction shipping Jim and Trixie or “Jix” as they are known! My mind is blown…


The first “real” romances I remember reading were the Wildfire and Sweet Dreams series from our high school library – which was hard to believe in a Catholic all-girls school. I was a chubby, nerdy kid who did well academically and I remember sidling up to the shelf when no-one was looking, grabbing one and taking it to a far corner to read – possibly hidden behind a more “serious” book. I have memories of being teased for reading them – obviously smart kids weren’t supposed to read romance.


I devoured those books from both the school library and my local library. Even looking at the covers now makes me happy. Over the years I’ve actually come across some of my favourite titles again in second hand book stores and snapped them up.

From those I moved on to Mills and Boon and Silhouette romances, but I have to admit to still reading them surreptitiously in public.

However, I’m pleased to admit that now I’m “out and proud” with my love of romance!

28510A pastry chef returns to her roots and discovers that the flavour of first love improves with age.

Twenty-five years ago, Polly and Matt were in love—but their relationship came to a traumatic end following the death of her best friend.

Now Polly Chappell has moved back to her home town to open a patisserie and care for her elderly parents, and the last person she wants to see is Matt Enright. Until she actually sees him, that is…

Their attraction turns out to be stronger than ever, but both have their reasons to resist rekindling their romance—until someone attempts to run Polly out of town with escalating threats and vandalism, and Matt’s protective instincts surface.

Will the secret she keeps bring them together—or get them killed?

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