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Get Your Beach Read On With These Hot eBook Deals


Get Your Beach Read On With These Hot eBook Deals

January has brought with it some absolutely glorious summer weather, which means my only weekend plan is to get to the beach and spend some glorious hours in the sun (with SPF 50+) reading some steamy romance!


Looking for the perfect reads to feed your e-Reader this beach season? Here are some of our faves on sale now from just $1.99!

Say You’ll Be Mine by R.J. Groves

A city girl. A cowboy. A marriage of convenience.

Jannette Tanner is ready for the next step of her life plan – a baby. But when she’s called back to her family farm to help her brother, she suddenly finds herself unsure of her plans. Especially when she sees her brother’s best friend for the first time after seventeen years and discovers those secret childhood feelings for him have only grown stronger.

Shannon Hopkins is happy and content with his life – or so he’d thought. It wasn’t until his best friend’s little sister showed up that he realises there’s been a big hole in his life. And the longer Jannette is around, the smaller that hole feels. Only problem is, she’ll be headed back to the city before too long, and he’ll be the sorry fool left heartbroken in the country.

But when it seems that Jannette might have a stalker and Shannon finds himself needing to marry to access an inheritance from his traditionalist grandfather, there’s only one possible solution – a marriage of convenience.

How could that not be a good idea?

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Crazy About Her Impossible Boss by Ally Blake

A man in a million…there’s only one problem: he’s her boss!

Single mum Lucinda Starling has lost faith in love or happy-ever-afters. She must protect the important things: her young son and her job working for entrepreneur Angus Wolfe! Her commitmentphobe boss must never know she’s crazy about him! Until one evening at a conference he looks at her like she’s the only woman in the world…dare she risk all and be tempted by Angus?

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Only For Show by Charlotte Marigold

Enemies to chocolate lovers.

Sofia Beaumont and Roberto Conti’s relationship is only for show – a twisted fairytale manufactured for the Italian tabloids. But when the reclusive chocolatier unites with her family’s CEO playboy nemesis their sizzling chemistry is blatantly real. To Sofia’s alarm, her faux boyfriend is a seductive wolf in smoking hot sheep’s clothing; in Roberto’s embrace she’s in danger of losing all her senses.

Neither Roberto nor Sofia are prepared for the intense sexual awakening and emotional roller coaster as family loyalty collides with personal desire. Bound by their messy past, love of chocolate and forbidden attraction, the lines between fantasy and reality blur. But as the power of sensory memory unlocks devastating secrets to the past, will their chance at love be forsaken?

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Legal Seduction by Lisa Childs


‘You are mine for the next two weeks.’ Resigning might be the sexiest thing she’s ever done…

Quitting her job puts executive assistant Bette Monroe in a very compromising position. With ten days left, powerhouse lawyer Simon Kramer is working her late into the night…and seducing her into oblivion! While he’s convinced she’s selling business secrets, the bombshell she’s keeping secret would shock him more. Does she bare all…or keep him guessing?

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Worth The Risk by Zara Cox


‘I like to win at all costs…’ But wanting her could cost him everything.

With a multi-billion-pound deal on the line, billionaire playboy Gideon Mortimer can’t afford another tabloid scandal. Now he’s committed to a chastity contract, being on the same yacht as Leonie Branson — temptation personified — is pure, unadulterated torture. But relinquishing control of their thrilling sexual chemistry to tenacious Leonie feels tantalisingly worth the risk — to his reputation and his well-protected heart.

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The Single Mum’s Second Chance by Kathy Douglass

She could use a shoulder to lean on. ‘We’ll get through this. I promise.’

Facing the fight of her life after a cancer diagnosis, widow Roz Martin is forced to ask her estranged brother-in-law to help care for her children. Being there for his nieces and nephew is a no-brainer for gym owner Paul Stephens. But being there for the woman who’d betrayed him by marrying his half brother is hard. Especially when he discovers the feelings he once had for Roz never died…

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Long Way Home by Nicola Marsh

From USA Today bestselling Australian author Nicola Marsh comes a warm and winsome rural romance about second chances and belonging.

A prodigal daughter returns to Brockenridge…

Eleven years ago Ruby Aston left Brockenridge – and its small-town gossip – for the anonymity of the big city. Now, a grieving Ruby is forced to come home to the place she loathes. But it also means returning to someone she’s always regretted leaving behind…

Connor Delaney is determined to prove himself and not get by on his family name alone. To do this he needs to acquire the local roadhouse. He never anticipated the owner would be the same ‘bad girl’ who ditched him at the high school ball and was never heard from again.

For Alisha Nathieson, the grief of suddenly losing her dear friend and employer Clara Aston has forced her to examine her choice to stay and support her ageing parents. As she battles a growing need to explore her past, temptation wars with duty. And then there are her feelings for handsome chef Harry, who has secrets of his own…

In following their hearts, will this unlikely trio lose what they’ve craved all along?

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A Whole New Ball Game by Lauren K. McKellar

She thought she had her future sorted, but life has other plans…

Get the reference, get the job, get out of here: I know what I want. What I’ve always wanted. What I’ve been raised to want. The only thing standing between me and my dream overseas nursing job is a reference from my boss – and a very special little girl in the hospice care where I work who I just can’t say goodbye to yet.

The last thing I need is Sawyer Benson, the AFL legend and an arrogant smile, coming in to visit the kids at the hospice and interfering with my life.

But when Emily tells me that girls can’t play football, I know that I have to prove to her that girls can do anything they want. So Sawyer and I strike a bargain. I’ll play his girlfriend when the camera’s on, and off–camera he’ll train me up for the Women’s Aussie Rules league try–outs. Together we’ll show Emily that girls are brave and strong and can do anything they dream of.

I still know what I want. I can walk away from footy and go back to my original plan. Football and arrogant smiles can’t be my future.

Can they?

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A Woman With a Mystery by B. J. Daniels

Holly Barrows fled through a raging snowstorm, convinced someone was trying to kill her, into the arms of Slade Rawlins. She’d appeared like a beautiful apparition, his fingers memorising every curve of her body. Then she’d vanished.

Holly returned the following Christmas claiming that her baby had been kidnapped. But any baby she’d had would also have been Slade’s. He is consumed by his need to protect Holly and locate their child before the family he desperately wants is lostforever.

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A Shot at Amore by Nora James

Second chance love has never been so alluring … or dangerous.

When Sofia returns to the small town of Sant’Agosto in Central Italy to take care of her sick aunt, she doesn’t expect to find Antonio, her childhood sweetheart, there. He’s back from Rome, has turned into the sexiest man alive – and he carries a gun. That’s because, as Vice-Commander of a special operations group, he fights the Mafia on a daily basis.

Can Antonio be trusted with Sofia’s heart? Or will he disappoint her as he did when they were teens?

For Antonio, the situation is even more fraught: should he push Sofia away to protect her from his dangerous world, or let her love him although it could cost her life?

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Happy reading!

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