Got the winter blues?


Got the winter blues?

We can help you out with that – check out our awesome August titles that release today! (errr…tomorrow for you NA folk. Sorry!)


King Hall by Scarlett Dawn. We were so excited about this title, that we released it a week early! Four Mysticals are chosen as future Kings and Queens, but that doesn’t mean they get out of tertiary education. At King Hall, they are pitted against all kinds of challenges: their parents, their friends, their hormones, their Kings, and, most terrifyingly, a new threat from an unexpected source.



Lost in Kakadu by Kendall Talbot. It’s romance with a Survivor twist, when a socialite ends up stranded in the Australian jungle with a much younger man who sees right through her shell and challenges her world view. Meaty, challenging, and risky.





Red Moon by MA Grant. I was so over werewolves until I read this emotional, original, polished story that uses the paranormal to expose the everyday – family challenges, second chances, and finding out who you truly are. A great choice if you’re after some beautiful writing.




Not Your Average Joe by Nell Carson. Reality TV has a lot to answer for – including bringing the Jared back into Jennifer’s life in this sweet, Cinderella story about a blue-collar factory worker and the owner’s reckless son. A lovely story about growing up, taking responsibility, and becoming a man.




Getting Wild by Sarah Barrie. It’s Bear Grylls meets The Devil Wears Prada in this fast-paced, earthy story about travel journalisms. Like strong, fiery heroines who aren’t afraid to throw a punch? This books for you!




The Lies We Tell by Elizabeth Dunk. From the writer of Arranged to Love comes a small town romance about secrets, scandals, seduction, and a splash or two of paint. Inspired by the real-life town of Oberon, this is an emotional story for lovers of Australian small town stories.




E for England by Elisabeth Rose. Affecting, moving, sweet – everything you expect from an Elisabeth Rose novel, including a three-dimensional community of secondary characters. A fantastic choice if you love stories with community, family, and overcoming real-life challenges for that all-important uplifting ending.




Ravenous by Eden Summers. Saving the hottest for last with this novella about a big city chef and a small town caterer who don’t need a kitchen to heat things up! If you love your reunion stories with a little bit of scorch, then have we got the book for you!