Hallowe’en Mini-Series: When I Fell In Love With Furry Supernatural Animals


Hallowe’en Mini-Series: When I Fell In Love With Furry Supernatural Animals

By Suneeti Rekhari

Ah yes, Halloween, a time for sweet treats, latex monster masks, cats dressed as witches…


And vampire bunnies.

None are more endearing than Bunnicula, A carrot-juice sucking, red-eyed, furry beast.


Born in 1979 (same year that I was) out of James Howe’s imagination, I blame Bunnicula for my love of all things supernatural.

But vampire bunnies don’t get to have all the fun. If you’re on team Jacob rather than team Edward, you might prefer a cursed were-rabbit. A full-moon-transforming, carrot-chomping catastrophe.


Whatever your preferred creature of the night (and let’s face it, there are plenty to choose from), have a happy Halloween!

Recommended pick-up line: carrot juice is good for my furrrrrrr. 

Suneeti Rekhari thinks everyone deserves a perfect match. Everyone. Which is why her debut novel is about a paranormal dating agency. 

23093A fresh, exciting, funny, fabulous take on New Adult Paranormal about an enterprising matchmaker…and her paranormal clientele.

She started out as just an ordinary university student, but the sudden and unexpected inheritance of an unused warehouse on the industrial side of town throws Shalini’s life plan askew.

Drawing from her strengths, she decides to set up a matchmaking business, helping the lonely to find a soulmate. But something unusual happens, something unexpected—her first client doesn’t fit the regular profile. Victor is dark, handsome, emotionally available…and a vampire.

Suddenly Shalini’s already disrupted world becomes a place where rules no longer apply. She must learn to adapt to her new occupation of finding The One for a prospective clientele of vampires, shape-shifters, and other beings more likely to bite first and ask questions later. And there are those out there who are less than happy with her entrepreneurial spirit.

But just as Shalini begins to think she can cope with anything, she discovers that she has bitten off more than she can chew, and played with powerful forces that have the potential to not only destroy the Lost Souls Dating Agency—but Shalini herself.

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