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Happy 20th anniversary to Serendipity!


Happy 20th anniversary to Serendipity!

2001 was a big year in movies. And while there was no more significant than the first Harry Potter movie, there were still many notable releases, which now a gobsmacking 20 years later still either makes us smile or cringe. Thankfully, Serendipity falls into the first category for me.

In a nutshell, this movie is about a couple who meet by chance and fall for one another, deciding to leave it up to destiny to determine if they’ll end up together.

Now let me preface this by saying I love this movie. It’s actually one of my favourite rom-coms. Okay, it might not be one of the BEST rom-coms because in my book that’s The Philadelphia Story and you will never convince me otherwise. However, Serendipity is still very watchable, and whenever I come across it, I can’t resist its pull. This is why…

John Cusack

I was a teenager in the 80s; hence I have a particular affinity to movies from that decade and quickly became enamoured with John Cusack after The Sure Thing and Say Anything. Watching him in Serendipity, I’m reminded how unconventional he can be while delivering a hero that is just so damn likeable. He can play any role and has! And now, in his mid-50s, I’m convinced that he’s discovered a fountain of youth and/or secretly related to Paul Rudd.


**me, watching this movie**

Kate Beckinsale

I have to mention the leading lady, of course. And though I have only seen a handful of Kate’s movies, she’s not disappointed me in any of those. In Serendipity, she plays Sara, fated to fall in love with Jonathon, and takes her sweet time to realise they were meant to be. Okay, so this movie could have been done and dusted in thirty minutes, but what’s the fun in that! Thankfully destiny intervenes with significantly timed signs that propels us to a perfectly sigh-worthy, happy ending.


Jeremy Piven and Eugene Levy

I’m putting these two together because in Serendipity they are equally perfect in my eyes. As a real-life friend of Cusack, Jeremy Priven didn’t have to stretch that far to make his character believable. He’s also the voice of reason to Jonathon’s angst and a perfect buddy in their shenanigans. As for Eugene Levy, he doesn’t have that big a part overall, but he’s the king of scene-stealers, and his dry wit is pure comedy gold.

The Plot

As a diehard romantic, I love Jonathan and Sara’s “meet-cute”. Although, I think this was a missed opportunity to bring Eugene Levy into the movie earlier. The backdrop of New York is also a winner, which seems to glisten with magic. And the movie’s tagline sums it up perfectly…can once in a lifetime happen twice? (Be still my heart).

Leaving it up to the Fates, Sara makes Jonathan write his name and phone number on a $5 dollar note while putting her details inside a second-hand book. These two items are then sent off into the universe and if they end up coming back to them, they’re meant to be. Yes, it’s schmaltzy, but who cares! I love these two characters. What I don’t love is that obnoxious, aptly dressed devil-kid who gets into Jonathan’s elevator and pushes every button!

The Title

Just like Sara claims, Serendipity has such a nice sound to it. However, I’m still waiting for some celebrity to name their child this!


The Ending

Aaah, the HEA is finally delivered and it brings me undone.


  • Because even though I know what’s going to happen, I still get the feels.
  • Because they return to the scene where I know they fell insta-in-love.
  • Because Sara is crying and still beautiful, which pains the ugly crier within me.
  • Because Jonathan sheds a tear as well, and my heart dissolves into a gooey puddle.
  • And because we’re treated to one last scene with Eugene Levy.

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Written by Jo-Ann Milne

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