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Have A Holly Dolly Holiday


Have A Holly Dolly Holiday

Have A Holly Dolly Holiday…so says the trailer, and I couldn’t wait to kick off my shoes, sit back, and catch up with Christmas on the Square, the latest offering from Netflix this jolly season.

The Gist

It’s a Christmas movie, jam-packed with all the salutary cheer that only these types of flicks can offer. It’s also a musical, and by musical, I mean that people actually SING their conversations.

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The Cast

Dolly Parton and Christine Baranski – need I say anymore?

Sure, there are other actors, but these two are the drawcards, and they do not let you down.

Baranski plays a ‘Scrooge-like’ character to the hilt and is pure genius.  Dolly plays an angel. DROP THE MIC.

The Plot

The good people of Fullerville are flummoxed when they discover their quintessential small town is going to be bulldozed all in the name of progress by some big city conglomerate who wants to build a huge mall, smack bang in their little cornucopia. They are understandably shattered and show it in song and dance because that’s what folks do when they are upset, okay?

Now, I love musicals, and I love Christmas, so putting these two together made me a very happy little vegemite to say the least. And it’s Dolly Parton, for Pete’s sake!

Seriously, it’s like I’ve died and gone to Heaven where I can watch 9 to 5 and The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and now Christmas on the Square on repeat. ALL DAY (don’t judge me, okay?)

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The Hidden Gems

This movie is full of them. The guy playing the pastor is HOT and I would be attending his sermons every Sunday without fail. Treat Williams, who’s the ‘jilted guy’, is very much a TREAT in my books.

The super-cute little girl who actually upstages Christine Baranski – yes, you read that right – in one particular scene just melted my heart.

There’s also the aforementioned singing conversations, and the rhyming of jurisdiction, eviction and friction is pure genius.

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The Songs

I must address this because I am one of those annoying people who breaks into song intermittingly when prompted by a particular word that reminds me of a song. I actually play my own little game where if I start singing a song and someone around me inadvertently starts singing or humming it too then I score a point (I said, don’t judge me, remember?)

I loved the songs in this movie. They happen every two minutes, so you need to love them or bypass this flick for one of the other thousand and one Christmas offerings from Netflix each year.

The stand-out songs for me were Queen of Mean and The Wickedest Witch in the Middle, the latter a big musical number that had me tapping my toes along the way, and again loving the rhymes.

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The Message

At its heart Christmas on the Square is a movie about lost love and redemption, with just enough drama, comedy, and good old-fashioned schmaltz to keep you mildly entertained for ninety minutes.

Yes, it’s cheesy and wholesome all wrapped up in a bow, but with Dolly Parton steering this ship – or more aptly, the guiding star – it delivers.

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The Verdict

It was better than I thought it was going to be, and I would ultimately watch it again – if only because Baranski and Parton demand an encore.

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Written by Jo-Ann Milne
Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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