Hot toddies: Jacquie Underdown


Hot toddies: Jacquie Underdown

NSFW content: please note that our ‘hot toddies’ series contains explicit language and (very) adult situations.

Here in Australia, the weather is getting colder. We’re dragging out the blankets and brewing up the cocoa, but it’s not doing the job. We need something hot.

Luckily, Escape artists have come to the rescue. They’ve provided some of the most scorching scenes from their books for us to enjoy. As the cold winds blow outside, we’ll be heating up with some ‘hot toddies’.

Winter is coming. And so our are heroes and heroines.

From Pieces of Me by Jacquie Underdown

I reached for Hannah’s hand and held it in mine. I loved the softness of her skin. My stomach stirred as memories of our night together intruded. I had intimately explored every part of her body and it pained me that I couldn’t do that over and over again.

I wanted Hannah. Nothing else. No thinking. No considerations of the consequences. I wanted Hannah. Full stop.

Drawn to her, a deep compulsive motion, I hooked my finger through a belt loop in her shorts and pulled her to me until her body was pressed to mine. This was rightness. This was how it should be. Me and her with no space between. Each other’s warmth meeting.

I smoothed my hands up her arms, knowing nothing else mattered but touching her. Her skin was like silk under my fingers, no longer cold like I felt on the beach, but burning. I cupped her face, just at her jaw line and leaned down. No thoughts, only the unstoppable desire to taste her.

Our lips met. Not sweet and gentle. But like I was starved, with breath and heat and tongues. Hannah’s fingers darted under my shirt and wandered over my back, pulling at me, urging me closer.

I kissed her deeper, but I couldn’t be satiated. I needed to be inside her. My body ached, hardened for it. Her hand trailed to my stomach then lower. When she gripped my erection through my shorts, I groaned.

‘Oh, Hannah, I need you.’

Her hands were at the drawstring on my shorts, fumbling at the tie.

‘God, yes, now,’ she breathed against my mouth. She untied the string and pulled my shorts down. They sat around my thighs. She reached in under my jocks, gripped my cock and released it. My lungs inflated at the rush of sensation. Her hand moved up and down on me. I wanted to explode right there. The heat. The burning desire.

‘Take your shorts off,’ I managed, hoarse and weak.

She let go of me and I dizzied. I watched her unsteady hands as she undid the button on her denim shorts. Each movement made my bones ache with need. Hannah pulled them to her thighs, and I helped them down her legs, followed by her knickers. I pawed her waist and drew her to me again, feeling her naked warmth against me. How I’d love every part of her naked. Free those sexy breasts, but we were in the open. We were exposed enough.

My lips pressed to hers with such intensity. My hardness pushed at her stomach and I groaned, desperate to be inside her. To test her readiness, I slipped a finger between her thighs, sliding over her tight little clit, then inside. She was warm and wet. So ready for me.

‘Will this mess up your bucket list?’ I growled.

‘No,’ she said against my mouth then slipped her tongue in to caress my own. So hot.

‘Is there such a thing as a two-night stand?’ I asked.

She rolled her pelvis, pleasure pierced the head of my cock and I hissed.

‘There is now,’ she whispered.

I couldn’t wait. Not one second longer. But how were we going to manage this? I tore my mouth away from hers and looked around.

‘Stand on that,’ I said, breathless, pointing to a small circular step at the corner of the railing. She did as she was asked. I stood in front of her, the height difference now taken care of, and lifted one leg onto the bottom rail opening her up for me. Her sweet scent filled my nostrils, driving me wild. I loved how wet she got for me. Lust boiled through my blood, tightening every muscle in my body, making me so hard the slightest touch took me over the edge.

One hand on her waist, the other on my cock, I crouched a little. Positioning myself at her slick entrance, I pushed up and into that warm, hugging crevice. My head was light to feel her squeezing me. Panting, I stilled and breathed through the pleasure, wanting this to last as long as I could manage. I’d never been wound this taut. I wanted to shove into her, hard and fast.

The need was too strong. I had to move. And when she sighed, I was lost. In the pleasure, the smell of her slick desire, the crush of my body against hers, the sharp jerk as I pushed into her, again and again and again. A rhythm grew, her pelvis rocking to meet my every thrust. The pleasure intensified, overwhelming me. I needed to come. I was going to come. She clutched at my shoulders, urging me to move harder, faster. She grabbed my hair and tugged my mouth down to hers.

I hooked her leg over my arm, to get deeper.

‘So good,’ she said and tore her mouth from mine to gasp. Her back arched and she breathed heavy. ‘Oh yes, Bear,’ she moaned.

The way she clenched around me, seeing that beautiful expression, her lips parted, eyes closed as an orgasm shook her, I lost it. Never had I been so overcome. My thrusts hastened, demanding my own pleasure and I exploded inside her like it was the first time I’d ever come in my life. I gave one final push, feeding her the last drop of my release. I held her to me for a long moment, still inside, never wanting to be anywhere else.

Sex had never been so good. I almost regretted to experience it, because how was I ever going to leave her now.


A story about starting fresh, letting go, and risking it all for love…