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I watched the first and last episode of New Girl and nothing in between.


I watched the first and last episode of New Girl and nothing in between.

If you don’t already know, New Girl is an American sitcom that first aired in 2011 about Jess, a quirky teacher who moves in with three single men after a bad break-up. This has been on my To-Watch list since forever, but I’ve just never gotten around to it.

I’ve been loving this trend lately of only watching the first and last episodes of a show. My anxiety often can’t take the uncertainty of what’s going to happen in dramas, and so this gives me the perfect excuse of knowing how everything is going to work out. So here we go … my thoughts after watching only the pilot and series finale of New Girl.

*Spoiler Alert*


The Pilot

• Zooey Deschanel is iconic.

• That sexy dance is just so realistic of what ‘spicing it up’ looks like in an established relationship. I am here for it.

• Do people really find their housemates on Craigslist? It just feels very high risk.

• I feel like Schmidt is overcompensating for something. I have high hopes that this ‘douchebag’ thing is just a stage.



• Yikes, Nick has baggage.

• I’m only a few minutes in, and already the comedic timing in this show is perfect.

• Currently taking bets (with myself) on who Jess is going to fall for.

• Jess singing her own theme song … again, iconic.

• Honestly, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Dirty Dancing on repeat. And the boys 100% knew what they were getting into.

• Does Coach have a name? Did I miss it?

• Schmidt is just trying SO HARD to be a ‘man’. The fragile masculinity in these men is strong.

• Dang, Cece is stunning. But she is wrong about those overalls. They are A LOOK.

• Cece is also so savage and I am loving it. ‘Please put your shirt back on, please don’t make me laugh at you.’ Dead.

• May we all be blessed with a friend like Cece.

• There is a lot of second-hand embarrassment in this show, and I’m not sure I could handle it.

• Okay, the boys showing up for Jess after she’s stood up by Schmidt’s douchebag friend is really cute.

• Schmidt, take note. Singing ‘The Time of My Life’ to a crying girl to cheer her up is men being men.


Okay, so starting observations. Overall cute, quippy, short and sweet. This pilot would probably be enough for me to give the show a chance. Here are my predictions:

1. Jess and Nick get together. I think they’re probably endgame, but they’ll break up for a couple of seasons and there will be some debate over whether the guy she dates in between is better for her than Nick.

2. I gather from memes that Cece and Schmidt somehow end up together? I do NOT understand how based on this pilot, but I suspect Schmidt’s douchebag routine is all an act. I’m excited to see where he ends up.

3. From the show’s cover photo on Netflix, I assume there’s another guy who ends up as part of the core cast. Based on ABSOLUTELY NOTHING other than the way he’s looking at Jess in the photo, maybe they’re a thing at some stage.

Alright, here we go. The series finale.

• I do not understand the title of this episode (Engram Pattersky). Is this some kind of series in-joke I’m not getting?

• I wonder what happened to Coach. How long did he last before they subbed him out for Winston?

• Honestly, Zooey Deschanel is ageless.

• Cece and Schmidt DO get together! And have a kid no less.

• Confirmed, Nick and Jess are endgame. She’s wearing a ring, so I assume they’re engaged.

• Oh, they’re newlyweds!

• Jess and Nick are moving out, and it’s obviously a big deal given the whole show is based on them all living in this (beautiful) loft apartment together.



• I’m pretty sure you can’t just kick someone out with only 24 hours’ notice, especially if they haven’t done anything to break the terms of the lease. Our apartment was sold, and we at least got 30 days.

• Yes to Jess still loving pink wine!

• Yes to Schmidt being his best self and not feeling trapped by societal gender norms! I’m so proud of him … you do you, Schmidt.

• Okay, this is going to be a reminiscing episode. I mean, it makes sense for a series finale, but I feel like I’m not going to understand it AT ALL.

• Oh, Schmidt used to be fat. Exactly who was it who decided that weight was a character trait?

• Based on the pilot, who’d have thought it would be Schmidt teaching Nick how to admit to his feelings?



• Jess is still just as vague and clueless, but also Cece obviously has a little bit of quirky going on too, and I love that.

• There’s a little something something between Cece and Winston. Did they date? Do they just have a cute friendship? I need answers.

• Has Nick had any character growth? He’s only just discovering what lotion is, and seven seasons in has never told his BEST FRIEND that he loves him. Yikes.

• Oh Lord, Winston, I would END you if you pulled that prank on me. Moving is the ABSOLUTE WORST.

• Yay for happy endings!

So, there you have it! I hope fans found it a satisfying end, but I’m not sure I can fairly judge at this stage. Turns out only watching the first and last episodes leaves you with more questions than answers. Now leave me alone, I’ve got seven seasons to binge.

P.S you can stream all of New Girl right now on Netflix

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