Introducing Magic Realism Romance…Blog tour and giveaways!


Introducing Magic Realism Romance…Blog tour and giveaways!

A few months ago, we ran a competition on our blog to help us solve one of our most pressing dilemmas:

We have a group of stories that have a similar theme, but no current category that adequately describes them.

Behind the scenes, we call them our ‘woo-woo’ romances – those stories that recognise that there may be more to our world than what we can see and hear and touch, more to our world than can be adequately explained by science.

They are grounded in reality, but see more possibilities to our life.

They’re not paranormals; they’re not fantasy. They’re just…more.


We were absolutely overwhelmed by the response and the creativity of the suggestions, so much so that it’s taken us this long to finally come to a consensus and choose a name. We all had our favourites, and we were all willing to fight to the death to see our favourites win.

(well, maybe not to the death – we are, after all, a romance publisher. But we were very passionate!)

I’m so pleased to announce that the winner, and new sub-genre, is Magic Realism Romance!

Congrats to Helena, who will receive copies of each of the books in this category as a prize.

To help launch our new sub-genre, our magic realism authors are hosting a small blog tour this week, and each day a new author will talk a little bit about some aspect of MRR, and host a giveaway on their blog.

You can follow the blogs here (please note, these links won’t work until each of the posts go live at 9am on their day, so come back every day to get in on the giveaways!)

Monday: Escape hosts the authors, explaining what Magic Realism Romance is, and why they love it.

Tuesday: Juliet Madison gets poetic about Magic Realism Romance, and hosts newly published MRR Escape Artist Robyn Neeley.

Wednesday: Jacquie Underdown gets in the mood for Magic Realism Romance

Thursday: Sarah Belle knows there’s no place like home

Thursday: Katherine Givens and the magic of magic realism

Friday: The Romance Writers of Australia host our MRR authors, and offers a fabulous giveaway!

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