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It’s all about love … 14 ways to make someone’s Valentine’s Day


It’s all about love … 14 ways to make someone’s Valentine’s Day

The fourteenth of February, Valentine’s Day, gives many of us the opportunity to tell the important people in our lives how we feel about them. This can be expressed in words and grand gestures, but also in kindness and thoughtfulness. As I see it, Valentine’s Day is a nice excuse to make a connection with someone who you care deeply about—whether it’s a family member, friend, or the love of your life.

Here are fourteen ways to make someone in your life feel special this Valentine’s Day


  1. Give them a handwritten card. Make sure you let them know one awesome thing that you love about them.


2. Send them a picture that will make them happy—you will know best whether a picture of a flower, a car, a goofy cat or an amazing landscape will make them smile.

3. Take them on a picnic. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or planned—take a rug into the garden or the nearest park, as long as you’re taking the time to eat under the sky.

4. Give the gift of time. Order takeaway, babysit for an hour or two, be the one to clean the in-laws’ gutters, take on that chore they just couldn’t relax without doing. Tell the person you love to take some time to do that thing they never have the time for!


5. Do the dishes.

6. Pick some flowers for their nightstand, from the garden (or other people’s gardens), or the side of the road. An offering of flowers always lifts the heart.


7. Bring them their favourite chocolate (there’s a reason why it’s a classic).

8. Lend them a favourite book.

9. Drop something on their doorstep that you know they’ll be excited to find … whether it’s a new book wrapped in brown paper, a plant in a teacup, or snacks and beverages of their choice …

10. Call them just to tell them about something unusual or interesting that you saw that day.


11. Ask them to tell you a happy memory from when they were a kid.

12. Choose their next watch based on what you know they like … truly a gift in our streaming era of choice paralysis!

13. Cook them breakfast.

14. Dance with them. Turn on some music and dance!


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By Laurie Ormond

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