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It’s hard not to fall for this sweet, warm and heartfelt Christmas romance. We review Netflix’s Christmas With You


It’s hard not to fall for this sweet, warm and heartfelt Christmas romance. We review Netflix’s Christmas With You

‘Seeking inspiration for a hit holiday song, a pop star grants a young fan’s Christmas wish to meet her — and finds a shot at true love along the way.’ Based on Netflix’s synopsis, here’s what I was expecting from Christmas With You:

  • a classic story of career-gal-goes-to-small-town-and-finds-both-love-and-the-true-meaning-of-Christmas, and
  • an opportunity to swoon over nineties/noughties heartthrob Freddie Prinze Jr (aka Zack from She’s All That, aka Fred from Scooby-Doo, aka Mr Sarah Michelle Gellar).

It delivered on both counts, but this movie gave me so much more than that, because it’s actually several movies in one.

It’s a second-chance-at-love story

Miguel, the father of the 14-year-old fan pop star Angelina visits, is a widower. He’s sworn off romance, too scared to take the risk of experiencing heartbreak again. Angelina is just coming out of a PR relationship with a vapid soap opera actor, who cares more about clicks than he does about her feelings. She’s always prioritised her music over relationships – and with her label threatening to drop her if she can’t deliver a Christmas hit, she’s more focused on her career than ever. When a snowstorm forces her to stay with Miguel’s family for a few days, she discovers that he’s a talented songwriter and together they work on a Christmas song. As Miguel and Angelina spend time together, their walls start to come down and they each become open to the idea of love.

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It’s a heart-warming family drama

Since his wife’s death, Miguel has devoted himself to raising his daughter, Cristina. Their relationship is really touching – the scene where he tells her how proud her mum would be of her could melt the most cynical heart. The two of them live with Miguel’s feisty mother in a house that is absolutely chock-a-block with Christmas decorations (no surface left ungarlanded!). With Angelina still grieving the loss of her own mother, being in their warm, loving home helps her begin to heal.

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It’s a celebration of Latin American culture

One of my favourite things about the movie is how it’s shaped by the characters’ cultural background. From the music to the food, everything has a distinctly Latin flavour. The dialogue is peppered with Spanish words and phrases, and Cristina’s quinceañera is a major plot element. As well as making the characters feel very real and specific, this gives Christmas With You a refreshing point of difference.

With all of these elements, plus lovely performances and one truly show-stopping emerald green gown, it’s hard not to fall for this sweet, warm and heartfelt Christmas romance.

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Written by Suzanne O’Sullivan

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