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It’s Masterchef With Giant Flower Sculptures. We Watched The First Episode Of The Big Flower Fight On Netflix


It’s Masterchef With Giant Flower Sculptures. We Watched The First Episode Of The Big Flower Fight On Netflix

Its Masterchef with giant flower sculptures. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I signed up for recapping this show, but they pretty much had me at the title so here is every thought I had while watching the first episode.

The Contestants

Ok I will admit I’m deeply concerned that we have some people here with some very suspect qualifications and one man seems to be missing a front tooth. It feels like it could be statement, but every time he is on screen all I see is that gap and surprise, surprise every promo shot of him has his mouth closed!!

But back to who will be competing we have some florists, landscape gardeners, artists, event florists, indoor plant consultants, horticulturists, designers and gardeners.

The skill set

I think some people may be a little out of their depth here, Indoor Plant Consultants I’m looking at you!! On this show, you kind of have to be good at a few things to stand out, the big one being understanding design structure, carpentry, welding, irrigation ( because as one of the judges have said “ I don’t want to see dying plants on judging day’) and of course picking flowers and plants that make the sculpture look great. Its very obvious from the start who has these skills and who doesn’t.

Making the Sculptures

I don’t know about anyone else but if I was given the job of creating a beautiful sculpture of an insect, a Sphinx Moth would not come to mind first. Its 50 shades of brown!! As it turns out – I know nothing. Its clearly a winning strategy. Ugly is beautiful if you are a talented event florist.

Plants of substance

The best bit in the whole episode is when one of the judges says she is hoping people will have a look at the flowers and see which ones have insects crawling all over them and then pick those ones, in keeping with the insect theme. Nek minute contestants swarm the nursery and pick plants like my mother at a Flower Power sale, colour, colour colour is all anyone is concerned with.

Lingering thoughts

What happened to the Indoor Plant Consultants? – So we were introduced at the start to some hipster couple but that is literally the only camera time they got until the very end. I had to go back and watch the episode again because they just disappeared.

How are artists who have absolutely no plant or flower experience expected to compete with award winning event florists?

Consensus: Odd. But delightful. A wholesome must-watch for people who love Masterchef and Bake Off. 

By Sarana Behan

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