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Janet Gover’s Bookish New Year’s Resolutions


Janet Gover’s Bookish New Year’s Resolutions

These past few weeks I have been tidying my bookshelves. I have been ruthless. The result: almost a metre of free shelf. Woo hoo! A whole metre. That’s unheard of in my house. There is one small problem. My To Be Read piles – just the physical books – total more than 3 metres. I measured them. And that’s just the fiction.

I need to do something about that – or buy a bigger house with room for more bookshelves.


So, book resolutions for the coming year start with:

Buy all my new books in electronic format.

There’s plenty of room on my e-reader. Of course, that means I can’t pat them. Or browse them in quite the same way as I can a bookshelf. I suspect this resolution will be broken the first time I walk past a bookshop and go, ‘Oh … look …’

So I’m adding a resolution that every third book I read in 2024 must be in physical format. From my TBR pile. That should make it smaller. Although, there’s that bookshop again….

One resolution I know I’ll keep: Read more books.

That’s a no-brainer really.

Read more new authors.

That’s an easy one too. There are so many wonderful new authors being published.

Re-read an old favourite.

So, so easy. I love a good familiar comfort read. However this year I promise myself that it won’t be Outback Ghost by Rachel Johns, which I seem to read every couple of years because I really like it. My chances of keeping this one? Fifty-fifty.

My book-related resolutions are also about writing. One is the same every year: I will always write the best book I possibly can, because that’s what my wonderful, supportive readers deserve.

This year, I also resolve to write another Wagtail Ridge book. The town and the people in it are such a happy place for me to spend my writing days that this won’t be any hardship at all.

Happy 2024 everyone.



Janet Gover grew up in outback Australia, surrounded by wide open spaces, horses … and many, many books.

When her cat lets her actually sit in her chair, she writes stories of strong women, rural communities and falling in love. Her novel Little Girl Lost won the Epic Romantic Novel of the Year Award presented by the Romantic Novelists’ Association in the UK, and she has won or been shortlisted for awards in Australia and the USA.

As Juliet Bell, in collaboration with Alison May, she rewrites misunderstood classic fiction, with an emphasis on heroes who are not so heroic.
Her favourite food is tomato. She spends too much time playing silly computer games, and is an enthusiastic, if not always successful, cook.

Janet loves to hear from readers—so do drop her a line.

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