July Releases


July Releases

It’s Canada Day! To celebrate our friends in the Great White North (and, also, everyone else), we bring you our fantastic July titles.

9780857990563Night Talk by Maxine Sullivan

Fast-talking, no-holds-barred battle of the sexes, played out live on air!

When Zac begins his US holiday, he certainly doesn’t imagine ending up as a host of a sexy late night talk show. But one look at his co-host, Cassie, and there’s no place he’d rather be!

From USA Today bestselling author Maxine Sullivan.


The Secret Diaries of Lady Catherine Bexley by Viveka Portman

The Regency just got a bit raunchier as a lady diarist 9780857990617shares her innermost desires…

Lady Catherine may be new to marriage – and the marriage bed – but even this gently bred young lady knows that there’s more to it than the proper, perfunctory relations that she experiences with her husband. He treats her with respect, but leaves her aching for more. How can she make him see that, though she is a lady, she wants to be treated as a woman?



Hearts on Hold by Gracie MacGregor

9780857990594The strongest sunshine casts the darkest shadows…

Cate is looking for a place to escape her dark past, and the beautiful island of Xlendi offers her refuge and happy memories. But when a seductive professor lands on her doorstep and starts asking too many questions, Cate can’t help but wonder if this is all too coincidental for comfort. There’s trouble brewing in paradise, and Cate is right in the middle.



Love or Money by Peter McAra

9780857990570Sustainability has never been this sweet…

Erin loves her grandmother’s cliff-top property, but when she inherits it, she has no choice but to sell it. Her mother’s medical bills are piling up, and Erin can’t meet them on her own. But Hamish Bourke, her grandmother’s lawyer and passionate LandCare advocate, won’t let the property go that easily. Developers have been sniffing around, and their high-end hotel and apartments would spell death to endangered native plants. But Erin has responsibilities, and it seems the only way to fix her mother’s heart is to break her own.


Matilda’s Freedom by Téa Cooper

9780857990600An unconventional woman turns a society family upside down in this Australia-set historical…

Matilda has lost everything, so it feels like a miracle when Christopher Matcham turns up, offering her security, a place to stay, and a position as companion to his teen-aged sisters. Though Christopher likes her fresh outlook and unusual ideas, his family view her as a threat. Christopher has responsibilities – and those include a good marriage that will improve the family’s connections and finances. After all, love is just for the lower classes.


Hindsight by Sarah Belle

9780857990587Humour, humility, and house-keeping – it’s the swinging sixties like you’ve never seen them before…

Juliette’s marriage is in melt-down, but this is the least of her problems when she wakes up on her lounge room floor in 1961, some 50 years out of her comfort zone. As she assumes the role of housewife with gritted, liberated teeth, Juliette begins to rediscover her marriage and her family, and that leads her to wonder: is the future really where it’s at?