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Love a Workplace Romance? Here’s what to watch and read next!


Love a Workplace Romance? Here’s what to watch and read next!

Lets be real. Suits are SEXY.

If you’re in the mood for some smoldering workplace drama and romance these TV shows and books are the perfect content for you!

Watch: Suits

Mike Ross, a talented young college dropout, is hired as an associate by Harvey Specter, one of New York’s best lawyers. They must handle cases while keeping Mike’s qualifications a secret.

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Love hot enemies to lovers romances in the workplace? Read Boardroom Sins

It’s just business…Until it becomes deliciously personal

In college, Rebecca Daniels and Brett Collins had a hot rivalry – with sexy benefits. Brett’s company has competed with the Daniels family business for years. And with Rebecca back in town as CEO, Brett has initiated a hostile takeover…just after they share a seriously naughty encounter! Now the battlefield is both the boardroom and the bedroom. But sometimes the line between love and hate is thinner than you think…

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Watch: Billions

Chuck Rhoades, a sincere but ruthless US attorney, engages in an egoistic battle with hedge fund kingpin Bobby ‘Axe’ Axelrod as they try to outdo each other in the competitive financial market.

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Love off-limits workplace romance? Read Forbidden Sins

Illicit pleasures…are harder to resist!

A flirty encounter with a stranger leads Gabe Foster into a sex-filled night in Vegas. But he wakes up alone…with a hangover and a wedding band on his left hand. Then he discovers his new ‘wife’ is also his unsuspecting boss’s daughter, Ellie. She’s definitely off limits now, but that only makes their connection harder to resist. Will Gabe risk everything for a taste of forbidden pleasure?

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Watch: Partner Track

Ingrid Yun, an idealistic lawyer, struggles with her moral compass as she fights to climb the partner track at a New York City law firm.

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Love forbidden love? Read Sweet As Sin

Forbidden fruit…always tastes sweeter!

Alex Fischer knows that his best friend’s little sister, Maria Martinez, is strictly off-limits. But she has his blood pounding when they share an intimate moment on a Vegas dance floor, and soon their illicit temptation turns into a passionate fling! If their secret gets out he’ll lose his best friend and her family will be torn apart. How far are they willing to go for their forbidden romance?

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Watch: The Good Wife

Alicia Florrick deals with life and caring for her two children after her husband Peter, a former state’s attorney, is imprisoned for a sex and corruption scandal.

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Love high-stakes political drama and romantic intrigue? Read Sins of the Flesh

When it comes to sexual politics…they’re playing dirty!

The mayorship of Las Vegas is down to two candidates, and Jessica Morgan is ready for a fight. Golden boy Rafael Martinez is a successful businessman – and a wickedly sexy egomaniac. He may be her opponent, but there’s something so irresistibly hot between them! Then all it takes is one little leaked sex tape to turn this election into a Sin City sensation…

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Watch: White Collar

Neal, a charming con artist, is finally caught by his nemesis, FBI agent Peter. But he teams up with Peter to assist the Feds in catching other elusive criminals in exchange for his freedom.

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Love boardroom and bedroom drama? Read A Sinful Little Christmas

She’s always called the shots…but he makes her lose control.

Alana Carter likes to dominate, in the boardroom and the bedroom. She hates that her employee Michael constantly challenges her, but their scorching chemistry is impossible to ignore – and Michael is irresistibly commanding between the sheets, too. They take their illicit affair to Cancun for Christmas, where their connection becomes much deeper. Michael already has Alana so weak with desire – can she risk losing any more control?

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