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Love Small Town Romances? Check Out These Reads!


Love Small Town Romances? Check Out These Reads!

Are you anxiously awaiting the next season of Virgin River? Do you re-watch Hart of Dixie and Gilmore Girls every year?

If small town settings, quirky townspeople, rural settings, cosy vibes and romance galore we have the reads for you in Mills & Boon’s brand-new series: Special Edition!

If you love movies and TV shows like Virgin River, The Wedding Year, Sweet Magnolias, or Something From Tiffany’s and authors like RaeAnne Thayne, Robyn Carr and early Kristin Higgins, then you might be a great fit for Special Edition!  

Check out some of the latest releases below:

A Deal with Mr Wrong by Anna James

‘You and me. We could be the perfect solution for each other.’

Gallery owner Piper Kavanaugh has had enough of her matchmaking mother’s interference in her (non-existent) love life! But her briliant plan to recruit her enemy-turned-contractor Cooper Turner to pose as her boyfriend has only created more problems. Like an attraction she never counted on…and is finding impossible to deny.

Cooper spent years feeling guilty about witnessing Piper’s father’s death, so helping her renovate for her big opening day is a no-brainer. But falling for her? Now he’s really lost his mind. Still, after being burned by his ex-fiancée, maybe his lingering trust issues are geting the better of him…or perhaps their romance ruse will be an unexpected new beginning!

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The Pilot’s Secret by Allison Leigh

Sometimes the path to love isn’t a direct flight.

Everywhere she turns, nurse Sophie Lane seems to bump into pilot Meyer Cartell. And now he’s moving in next door! Handsome and always charming, Meyer is hard to resist. That’s probably how her sister felt when he cruelly betrayed her years ago. Sophie’s heart may have wings for Meyer, but her head stubbornly refuses to clear it for take-off.

After his best friend’s plane crashed, Meyer gave up his flying career to ensure the welfare of his widowed best friend and two children. Meyer struggles with his guilt over the crash — and with Sophie’s perplexing grudge. It’s time to get to know his new neighbour. Maybe with the right flight plan, he can clear the runway for happily ever after…

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Twenty-Eight Dates by Michelle Lindo-Rice

Not looking for a hero…but she found one!

When pregnant widow Courtney Meadows steals away from her duplicitous in-laws in the dead of night, she has one goal: to protect her baby. An unexpected car breakdown miles away and a looming hurricane are the last things she needs! Enter a gruff knight in shining armour in Officer Brigg Harrington. Courtney’s compelled by the lawman’s compassion and integrity…and she has to admit he makes her pulse race in a way no one has since the tragic death of her firefighter husband. But can a woman as independent and wounded as Courtney let anyone else into her life again — especially another man courting danger in uniform?

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The Cowboy’s Road Trip by Stella Bagwell

His road to love may be the trip of a lifetime.

Riding shotgun with a chatty blonde ten years his junior isn’t cowboy Kipp Starr’s first choice. Despite the age gap and his attraction to pretty Beatrice Hollister, serious-minded Kipp feels they have little in common. But to show his gratitude for the Hollister family’s Christmas hospitality, he agrees to accompany Beatrice on the drive to his home state of Idaho.

Beatrice doesn’t know if she’s more excited about meeting her estranged grandmother — or driving Kipp home to his ranch. Secretly, she’s wildly attracted to him, but a long-distance relationship is hard to navigate. When they’re stranded by the wintry weather, their attraction becomes hotter than July. And Kipp finds himself wondering whether to pump the brakes — or trust in love for the long haul.

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Flirting With Disaster by Elizabeth Hrib

He’s supposed to be building up walls…not tearing hers down!

ER nurse and single mum Sarah Schaffer is always helping others — even on vacation. When the town of Hatchet Lake needs her help after a horrific storm, Sarah jumps in, even while she’s planning her next move with her young son. What she’s not prepared for is her intense connection with sexy Army-medic-turned-contractor Desmond Torres. Sarah doesn’t do commitment, and she’s always on the move, so short-term is all she can offer him. But the more time they spend together, helping the town and at her best friend’s ranch, the more Desmond seems to break down the walls around her heart. Will she be able to disentangle herself in time to shield herself — and her son — from the inevitability of heartbreak?

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