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Love Lucifer so bad? 6 of his #heartbreak moments to sigh over before Season 5 resumes on 28 May!


Love Lucifer so bad? 6 of his #heartbreak moments to sigh over before Season 5 resumes on 28 May!

The final eight episodes of season 5 drop on 28 May and I know what I desire … a full Lucifer re-binge from season 1 episode 1 to get me emotionally in the zone.

Where are we at with the heartbreak? With the devil face, with the burning wings, with the crazed drives through LA streets in the black convertible only to find he’s lost his chance of love with Chloe. Again.

Don’t have time to re-binge? Don’t worry … I’ve strapped on my holster and done some detective work and here’s my findings: Lucifer’s blackest 6 #heartbreak moments.

Heartbreak #1 – Lucifer shows Dr Linda his devil face

Dr Linda begs him to help her understand who he really is in S2 E6; to be completely honest with her. He allows himself to be talked into it – he trusts her to know what she needs.

The camera focuses in on her face – which has gone blank, and shaky – then on his. He smiles … tentatively … you can tell it feels good to not have to hide himself … but then his brow furrows. He realises he has broken his therapist.

He nods, and walks slowly from the room, his face bleak. #heartbreak

Heartbreak #2 – Pulling on the heartstrings? Or is it puppet strings …

We need some context for this one. We’ve finally had a kissy moment, but Lucifer retreated, telling Chloe she deserved better. Fast forward to S2 E12 when Chloe is frantic about Lucifer being hurt by the poisoner. He smiles at her. Like, sweetly. Like, he cannot believe this moment is coming true for him. He says, “This is real, isn’t it?”

He is so ludicrously happy and filled with joy and then … his mother tells him that Chloe is a plan of his father. Her feelings for him cannot be real. He is devastated, he roars over to Chloe’s to rage at her, but she turns toward him and … she’s been poisoned! #doubleheartbreak

Heartbreak #3 – On the outside, looking in: “I want her to choose me”

So many times, Lucifer ran from what he truly desired … until S3 E21 when Dr Linda convinces him he truly does have free will. But the one time he chooses not to run?  The drive through rain-slicked streets – the wind dishevelling his black, black hair –the race up the stairs to Chloe’s apartment because finally he’s ready, finally he’s putting love ahead of fear that she will find him unworthy …

Then this happens: Lieutenant Pierce AKA Cain is on bended knee. His hand is lifted to Chloe, and the sparkle of a diamond winks in the living room light. And where’s our favourite Devil?

Outside. Looking in through the window. #heartbreak

Heartbreak #4 – No more metaphors

In the S3 finale Lieutenant Pierce’s identity as the Sinnerman and murderer of Charlotte is revealed to Chloe. She says to Lucifer: when we’ve brought him down, you tell me everything. No more metaphors.

He is ready. He finally believes Amenadiel is right: his wings and his devil face are an expression of how he feels about himself, and he feels good about himself, finally.

Then Pierce gets all stabby in an EPIC scene in which Lucifer plunges through breaking glass, wings-akimbo and steaming with vengeance, and in order to save Chloe, Lucifer must do what an angel cannot do: he must kill a human.

He turns to Chloe –and we know, because his devil face is back, how killing Peirce has destroyed him. And Chloe sees his true face.

The scene ends. We’re on tenterhooks … what will she freaking say??? The scriptwriters TAUNT us with a fluffy first episode of S4  with zero Lucifer/Chloe moments.

The black moment comes with he sets his hand on her shoulder and she twists away. #heartbreak

Heartbreak #5 Chloe and the chalice

In S4 E3 Lucifer finds out from Father Kinley that Chloe has been working with the creepy Father Kinley to poison him and send him back to hell. It’s a blow.

But what’s worse is yet to come … when he tells Chloe she can talk to him about any concerns she has, she LIES and says she has told no-one about him.

Lying, to Lucifer, is the ultimate betrayal … and when he pushes her for a reason, she admits she finds him terrifying.

He puts on his devil face and asks her if she can accept him … and Chloe hesitates. #heartbreak

Heartbreak #6 – Return to hell

Have electrolytes handy before watching S4 E10 … tears will fall.

Lucifer and the gang save baby Charlie from becoming the new king of hell in a last-gasp battle, but he understands he has to sacrifice his life on earth to keep the demons in check. He says the line that broke the internet: “My first love was never Eve. It was you, Chloe. It always has been.’

And then he’s on the throne of hell. All alone. #intenseheartbreak


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