Make a wish!


Make a wish!

by Kate

18883Our resident queen of ro-magic comedy, Juliet Madison releases her second story with us this month – a fun, light-hearted novella called I Dream of Johnny about a girl, her high-tech magic lamp, and one heck of an unfortunate type-o. Over on Juliet’s blog, she’s running a Three Wishes promotion that you should definitely take part in, if you ever wish for a pile of free stuff. She’s invited us to take part. So without further ado, my three book-related wishes.


1. I wish for…

Little-girl-reads-in-book-007Never-fail, never-stale book extensions. Sure, the book may be over, but why should the experience have to stop? With a handy-dandy, limited edition book extension (TM), the story just keeps going on. Visit your favourite characters as they continue past their conclusion and on in to their fictional lives. Drop in and check up on children, pets, and even villains. Never say goodbye to a favourite book again!

2. I wish for…

dreaming_TOCSubliminal readers (s-readers). We all know the feeling of a book hangover – those mornings when there’s not enough caffeine in the world to compensate for staying up ’til 4am to finish an unputdownable book. But what would happen if we didn’t have to? Enter the s-reader, a clever new device that allows the reading experience to continue as we still get our required 8 hours – by beaming our books straight into our dreams. Just think – all of the books we don’t get to read because our bodies demand sleep. Romantic suspense not recommended.

3. I wish for…

Replicated_martiniA fictional food replicator. Ever reading along in a book and the character dives into an enormous helping of chocolate mousse and you’re all, ‘I could totally go for that right now’? Just pick up a fictional food replicator, guaranteed to enhance the reading experience with thematically appropriate refreshments. Cosmos with Candace Bushnell? Whiskey with Hemingway? Tea and crumpets with Jane Austen? Whatever your flavour, the fictional food replicator has got your tastebuds covered. Some science fiction food not included.

Check out Juliet’s Three Wishes Blog Blitz here and her fantastic titles now available here!

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