Monster-off: Fae


Monster-off: Fae

Carly Drake talks about the benefit of going off with the fairies…

If you don’t want your date to accidentally get carried away during a make-out session and either drain you of blood or forget the full moon and turn into a slobbering mutt, you should highly consider going bump in the night with a fey.

Those boys know how to treat a lady right. First, he’ll take you dancing. It could be at the top of a grassy hill on a crisp spring night, or the most decadent club your imagination could think of. The fey know how to throw a party with the most enchanting music you’ve ever heard.

After dancing all night drinking fairy wine and not getting a bit tired, despite your killer heels, he will then take you on an exhilarating ride through the bejewelled fey forest of perpetual twilight. There you’ll see the creatures of dreams both beautiful and terrifying that far surpass any Hollywood movie special effects.

19223After fighting off a pack of goblins to defend your honour, he’ll then show you the wonders of his court and array you in the finest clothes made from the fey master craftsmen.

Then, after you are dripping in jewels and delicate silks, he’ll realize those clothes look better on the floor, and show you how to really live like an immortal.

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