Monster-off: Ghosts


Monster-off: Ghosts

Jenny Brassel gets a bit spirit-ual…

A Ghost: the ultimate romantic hero

Remember Swayze as Sam in the movie Ghost? That scene with Molly at the potter’s wheel? It was a romance both impossible and forbidden, yet we all prayed they’d be together and instinctively we all knew that Sam would save her and wait for her on the other side.

ghost_swayzeWho could forget the poignant final scene of The Ghost and Mrs Muir when Daniel comes to collect Lucy as she breathes her last breath, taking her to join him in the afterlife? Made in the late 1940s, the truth to their relationship is only hinted at, but those of us with romantic souls knew how deep their love went.

The-Ghost-and-Mrs-Muir-classic-movies-30391897-332-400A ghost is not barred from any place or any time: not held back by magic or a flaw of the blood. Other than being dead, no lore governs or impedes his existence.

9087He can appear in a heroine’s dreams, or before her if he chooses. He can whisper words of love in her ear as she sleeps, or cause the breeze to caress her cheek in a whisper of a kiss. And he can torment her by staying away when she desires or needs him most.

The timelessness of a ghost hero promises eternal love to all those who believe.

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