Monster-off: Magicians


Monster-off: Magicians

Nicola E Sheridan believes in magic…magician_CrissAngel

Magicians, Warlocks, Wizards – whatever you wish to call them – it is time to cast your aspersions of wispy bearded geriatrics and dorks with rabbits in their hats away, and allow me to introduce you to the true nature of the Magician.

magicican_davidblaneMagicians are all about power; physical, emotional, magical and sexual. There is nothing these men can’t do, or won’t do for the women they love.

magician_liu qianYet such power brings with it wicked temptations and heavy responsibility, so it takes moral fortitude, strength and passion for these men to remain on the straight and narrow.

‘The Warlord stepped closer, and at this new proximity I could smell him. His scent was an olfactory assault of magnificently sensual proportions. He was spicy and exotic, less like perfumed cigarettes and more like pure magic. There was power in his scent and Lord it was delectable…’ (excerpt from A Warlord’s Lady).

Despite their power, magicians are ultimately just men, with all the hopes, desires and dreams incumbent with their humanity. Teetering on the edge of good and evil, every gorgeous magician needs a strong woman at his side.
So, if any paranormal beastie were to crawl through 19570my window on Hallowe’en and go ‘bump in the night’, I’d be hoping for a sexy magician to put some passion, power and excitement into my night.

Want to get the magic in you? Check out Nicola E Sheridan’s release, The Warlord’s Lady, which releases tomorrow.