Monster-off: Mixed Race


Monster-off: Mixed Race

Scarlett Dawn doesn’t want to settle…

Mixed races take boundaries, eye them, then give a negligent shrug before pissing on them. They can have any lifestyle. Be anyone.

Turn left, there may be a world of the wicked. Base needs. Sweat-filled nights of rolling and twisting in the bed sheets. An evening that requires catnaps and plenty of fluids to keep a lover ready for more.

Kate Current BlogBecause they are always ready. For you. For me. The pick is always theirs.

Turn right, and the sensuality may alter. Magical and possessive. An air current that is a part of them. Reaching, always reaching to find a connection past the sordid. A perfect hand to fit into theirs.

Because they are out there. Ready. For them. Only them. The pick is never theirs.

Walk straight. Curve in and out of wretched lines. Become a mixture of turmoil. Or create anarchy.

18613Mixed races are the earthquake that creates the new era. The innovative world. The boundaries are theirs for the taking. For destroying. They are the new chains for the time-worn ropes of old.

They are the true power. One will never be the same.You. Me. Or them.

Be thankful. You want the world rocked.

If you’d like a bit of variety in your paranormal, try Scarlett’s King Hall. The sequel King Cave is available 1 January.