Monster-off: Nephilim


Monster-off: Nephilim

Bek Turner argues that angels are good…in every way.

A Bitches Brew to Creating Sexy, Brooding Nephilim

Tom-Hardy-Warrior-tom-hardy-29606315-491-694Legend has it that nephilim were the offspring of angels and human women. When I was expanding on my own nephilim mythology, I began with that basic idea, then tossed other ingredients into the cauldron to create merciless, single-minded heroes who live by a strict code. I gave them strong passions and ideals and mixed it with a ruthless charisma. Then there was the strong body, the quietly spoken words and shadowed eyes. Specifically, I wanted a hero who knew what he wanted and went for it, no holds barred. The guy with a deadly nightshade stare that meant trouble for anyone who crossed his goal.

shot03These traits appealed to me, because there’s nothing sexier than a driven hero, especially when his undivided attention is on what he wants between the sheets. And when that kind of desire is juxtaposed on a hero in a military order with a deadly skill set, there’s a delicious tension between the chaste control of his outer self, and the passion he can show in private. The sense that those two worlds will collide adds black powder to an already burning fire.

8211Bitches brew complete, please cue my brooding hero.

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