Monster-off: Shifters


Monster-off: Shifters

MA Grant joins us on behalf of the furred…

Why Werewolves Make the Best Mates
By Connor and Flynn Sinclair

FLYNN: We’re supposed to tell you why werewolves are–um–

CONNOR (interrupting): The best freaking lovers ever.

FLYNN: Right.

CONNOR: We’re animals. If you’re into a little freaky-deaky, we’re your guys. There’s nothing we won’t try at least once. We’re pretty smart too–

FLYNN (muttering): Some of us, at least.

CONNOR (glaring at Flynn): –so if we figure out what makes you go all gooey, we won’t forget it.

FLYNN: That counts in and out of the bedroom, by the way.

CONNOR: Sure, whatever. Oh yeah, the shift! Our hearts and lungs get a little bigger when adrenaline hits, so with more blood and oxygen, there’s more (grins and gestures in a southerly direction) growth. Like, the good kind–

FLYNN: I think they get it.

CONNOR: Really good–

FLYNN: Shut the hell up.

(Connor holds his hands apart and mouths “HUGE growth” behind Flynn’s back)

FLYNN: We’re more than just…that though. We can sense your emotions. We’ll be there for you.

(Connor snorts)

FLYNN (ignoring him): And we’re faithful.

(Connor straightens in his chair and nods)

CONNOR: Damn straight.

FLYNN: If you’re the one, that’s it. There’s no one else–

CONNOR: Never will be. Can’t be.

FLYNN: They get it.

CONNOR: No one.

FLYNN (rolling eyes): So, yeah, we make pretty damn good lovers.

CONNOR: Amen, brother.18611

(Flynn leaves. Connor reaches to turn off camera. Looks furtively over his shoulder.)

CONNOR (whispering): Just remember, HUGE.

(Camera goes off).

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