More real life love stories…Sami Lee


More real life love stories…Sami Lee

From Sami Lee

My parents met when my father, who was in the navy, was in Sydney on shore leave. They dated for five days, after which my father promptly asked my mother to marry him. She of course said ‘NO WAY ARE YOU BATSHIT CRAZY I HARDLY KNOW YOU?!’ (My mother is a lady so that’s not a direct quote, but you get the drift). My father asked if he could write to her and she said yes.

So he did. He wrote her letters from aboard ship for nine months. When he came back to Sydney he asked her once again to marry him and this time my mother said yes. Nine months later (approximately… again, my mother is a lady people!) along I came.

My father copped a lot of flack for marrying a divorced woman who already had two children, but he never listened to anyone. He adopted her two sons from a previous marriage and raised them as his own. Every day while I was growing up I witnessed my father hugging my mother, which was the best relationship advice a young girl could ever get.

Forty-two years later and my father still hugs my mother every day. So I guess he was right on the fifth date, after all.

8909Sami Lee’s been, in order: a secretary, sales assistant, bar tender, waitress, student, tutor, human resource manager and administration officer, but at heart she’s always been a writer. She lives on the outskirts of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia with her husband and two stupendous daughters, where she spends her days juggling family life with work and writing, and frittering away far too much time on social media. Sami is multi-published in contemporary erotic romance, and is now enjoying writing sweet and romantic stories for Escape Publishing.

Sami’s latest title for Escape, A Man Like Mike, mixes a corporate professional, a handsome rogue, and a little baby boy who is going to change everything.

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