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My All Time Favourite Sandra Bullock Rom Coms


My All Time Favourite Sandra Bullock Rom Coms

Sandra Bullock has been on our screens for over thirty years and given us films that range from thrilling to heart melting. Not only is she a highly regarded actress, but she also has her hand in producing works such as Bird Box, The Proposal, and her newest rom-com set to be released this April 14th, The Lost City.

When I saw the trailer for The Lost City I knew I had to watch it, a struggling Romance author sees her work come to life in the shape of an exotic island with hidden treasure and a handsome Channing Tatum, what more could you want? To get myself ready for The Lost City, I recently looked back on her long list of films and remembered just how much I love her as an actress (and producer).

While her drama and action films are rated highly, it’s her rom-coms I grew up on and adore. Here are some of my favourites!


Two Weeks Notice

This movie features the classic ‘opposites attract’ trope. Lucy is an intelligent humanitarian liberal lawyer who ends up stuck in a job working for a spoilt and ignorant billionaire real estate developer, George. One day she decides she has had enough of being treated like a nanny and gives her two weeks notice. This movie has memorably funny scenes, but the one I will never forget is watching Hugh Grant throw Sandra Bullock over his shoulder running through stopped traffic because she has to use the bathroom.

Miss Congeniality

I have watched this movie too many times not to add it to my list of favourites! A slobby and traditionally unfeminine cop is placed in an undercover role as a beauty pageant contestant to uncover a killer. This film has one of the best makeover montages! no one can forget Sandy B slow motion walking out of a warehouse full of beauty technicians completely transformed. Not only is Gracie Hart a bad ass cop that taught me where a mans weak spots are (S.I.N.G.), but she’s one of Sandra Bullocks funniest rom com roles!


All About Steve

Sandra Bullock plays a very different role to her other more serious and work driven characters, Mary is a bubbly and eccentric woman who has trouble finding a partner who will love her for who she is. In comes Steve (Bradley Cooper), a handsome camera man who does not reciprocate Mary’s enthusiasm on their first date. He escapes her literal clutches because of work and mistakenly tells her he wishes she could be there with him. She takes him literally and embarks on a hilarious adventure through America to be with him. This is heart warming and reminds us that being yourself, no matter how different that may be, is what’s most important in life.

The Proposal

This is one of my all-time favourite Sandra Bullock rom coms. A big-time book editor is at risk of being deported back to Canada and losing her job when she lies and says that her assistant (Ryan Reynolds) is actually her fiancé. They must keep up the charade so they can both keep their jobs, even in front of his family, which includes the beloved and recently departed Betty White. This movie is filled with so many hilarious and wholesome scenes that it’s hard to choose, but if I had to, it would be Sandra Bullock singing and dancing to ‘Get Low’ by Lil Jon in the middle of the forest.


What is your favourite Sandra Bullock rom-com?

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By Elena Kaloudis

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