My book setting: Argyll


My book setting: Argyll

by Jenny Brigalow

My family tree is actually more of a forest, but one of the bonuses of such a convoluted life has been a Scottish connection. My late stepfather, John, was a Scott.

When I was a young woman I holidayed at the Scottish family cottage in Argyll, just on the edge of the Crinan Canal. And there I was privileged to discover Argyll, a mystical and magical place that is quite possibly the most romantic spot on the planet.

argyl5This early contact with Scotland forged a lasting love of the land and an abiding interest in its myths, legends and history. From the highlands through the still water of the lochs and to the rugged coastline, Argyll is breathtaking.

In August 2013 I returned and rediscovered my Scotland.

It was a joy to come to know Argyll so intricately through my writing. The Macgregor plunges the reader into a romantic tale of high drama and intrigue. It is a story of the present and the past, of fantasy and fact, of love and loss. It is about a young werewoman whose life has been forged in the very bedrock of her ancient home and of the man whom she determines to make her own.

argyl4Megan MacGregor is no ordinary woman, but then Sean Duncan is a whole lot more man than she imagines. Their fate is irrevocably tied to the ancient feuds of the clans. Behind the bleak and austere walls of Carrick Castle the Campbells are watching, and in the darkness, the hunt is on.

Where we live shapes who we are, from the clothes we wear to the food we eat. Megan and Sean are no different. Megan has a preference for Dr Martens boots and tartan miniskirts, while Sean wears the dress code of his work, blue jeans and riding boots. Sean’s diet is mainly liquid, with a penchant for a fine malt whisky. Megan sits down to sizzling, succulent seal steaks with her grandad.

It is in a misty vale that Megan finds her man: ‘Up close she could see that his brilliant blue eyes were surrounded by lush black lashes, and his upper lip was full. Quite kissable. His bare chest impressively broad, his stomach as tight as a greyhound’s. Not bad—for a mere mortal.’

argyl2And it is in the ancient fortress of Dunaad that Sean Duncan discovers the seat of the Olde: ‘Water ran down his body like a lover. The stone beneath his feet spoke to him like a brother. And in his hand the oak staff trembled with the promise of his power.’

Argyll is beautiful, wild and remote. It is uncompromising. It is enduring. It is verdant. Come join Megan and Sean there. You won’t want to leave. Ever.


In Children of the Mist, we discovered the secret history of the Children. Now, in the wilds of Scotland, one of them has come of age…

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