Once and Future King


Once and Future King

kinghallIt’s not often that I read a submission that truly captivates me to the point where I forget I’m reading for work, and start reading for fun. I do so much reading, across so many genres, that sometimes I forget what it’s like to be swept away. So when a novel comes along that takes me out of my work-self and anchors me firmly in a fictional world, I know I’ve found something truly special.

Such was the case with Scarlett Dawn’s debut King Hall. So when it came time to start getting it out there (which, sidenote: I’m so excited about, because I can’t wait to talk about it!), we thought we’d try something special.










All Escape titles go up a month before their release date for review and for pre-order. With King Hall, we were too excited to wait. So together with Scarlett, we set up a way to get it out earlier: with every pre-order, our little bar went up. And when the pre-orders reached shifter territory, we would release King Hall a week early.

So, here’s the good news: you can get King Hall  today, a week early. It’s available for download from your preferred e-tailer, and we cannot wait to hear what you think!

Here’s an interview with the author, Scarlett Dawn:

Scarlett! You did it! Congratulations!

Thanks, toots! *happy reading-dance*

 Tell me, where did the idea for King Hall come from?

My inspiration came from another story I had started writing. I knew I was on the verge of something wonderful, but that original story just wasn’t good enough.

Blank page. I started over, twisting characters, the story…BAM!

King Hall was written.

‘New Adult’ is a label that divides readers. What do you think of it? And, if you had the choice, how would you label King Hall?

Love it.

I adore the chaos that derives from even the simplest action a “new adult” takes, every step a minefield of individuality. But when I wrote King Hall a few years ago, I didn’t know anything about the “label”. I just wrote what I wanted, what stories came to me. This particular series really took hold, and I kept writing.

And writing…

Until I was done.

Even after writing the last sentence of the last book, I still knew nothing about New Adult. A few months later, when I started investigating on how to query, I read an article on NA. It fit. It was that easy for me. If it quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, then it’s most likely a duck. Same for The Forever Evermore series.

That said, I probably could have labeled this particular novel, King Hall, as upper YA (even though their ages are 19-22), but I had to think about the entire series as a whole. I didn’t want kiddies to get hooked on book one, only to have their minds blown by the erotic content of future books. I’m a mother of three wonderful teenagers, and while I’ve allowed them to read sections of King Hall, I would never allow them to read the entirety of the other books. It just gets too hawt for young minds. I was thinking about, not only my children, but other parents’ kids as well. So, long story short, the New Adult genre fit.

Early reviews are raving about the originality, depth, and fast-pace of King Hall. Do you read your own reviews?

 *grins* Gah! You’re calling me out!

Not to read…or to peek open one eye?

Many authors vary on this answer, but my own would be: yes, I do read them. Though, if there were a particular scathing review, I wouldn’t, even if I totally appreciate that individual taking the time to leave a review. My delicate ‘writer’s mind’ wouldn’t be able to handle too much bite.

Go on, tell us which of the new Mystical Rulers is your favourite?

Hmm. This question actually made me take pause.

If I really had to choose out of the four Prodigies, I would say…Ezra.

*slams hands over ears* Calm down, ladies! I know, I know! He’s yours!

And which of the four Mystical factions would you most like to be a part of?

The Mage faction. No doubt. I’m wacky enough it would feel like coming ‘home’.

 What are you working on right now?

My main target is to finish the line edits for the second book of The Forever Evermore series. Yanno, since my Managing Editor (*coughs* Kate) is giving me the evil-eye-grabby-now-come-on-I-got-to-read-it-look. After that, I have a YA Fantasy I’m in the middle of and a NA Fantasy that just won’t leave me alone. Busy, busy!

Finally, tell us what you do to Escape the Ordinary?

I generally sing, and dance, like a fool with my three kids to escape the ‘ordinary’. My house can be pretty lively. It’s all about the love…like The Forever Evermore series. *twinkle-wink*