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Our 2022 Reading Resolutions


Our 2022 Reading Resolutions

It’s time to get brutally honest, people. It’s time to get real.

New year resolutions inevitably end in disappointment.

Either we set ourselves goals that are wholly unachievable (I’m going to speak French fluently at the end of this year), more fate than reality-oriented (this year I will meet the love of my life), or you know, a pandemic hits and all resolve goes out the window.

So here’s one way of setting new year resolutions that won’t trip you up and will make achieving them a whole lot more fun! Reading resolutions! 12 ‘challenges’ to mark off, helping you to get through your 2022 TBR pile (in a fun way).


Our 2022 Reading Resolutions

  1. Read a book by an author with your first name
  2. Read a book by an Indigenous author
  3. Read a book where you watched the movie first
  4. Re-read your favourite book from when you were 13
  5. Read a book set on a boat
  6. Read a book that has been translated from another language
  7. Read the last book your partner/housemate/best friend read
  8. Read a book that won an award in 2021
  9. Read a book with only one word in the title
  10. Read a book with a blue cover
  11. Read a book you said you’ve read but haven’t
  12. Read a book set in a country you want to visit

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