Out of this World – (and on sale!)


Out of this World – (and on sale!)

The wonderful SE Gilchrist has released the next book in her thrilling, sexy SF romance Darkon series. Read on for the inspiration behind Star Pirate’s Justice – and for a brief time, both this title and the first in the series Legend Beyond the Stars are on sale. Follow the links to choose your e-tailer of choice.

My love of spec fiction stories stems from a lifetime of watching sci fi shows, of reading many books, and, with the dawn of the internet, browsing informative and sometimes off-beat sites.

After I read various articles on cloning and genetically modified foetuses, the inspiration behind my science fiction romance series was born. For I could visualise the Darkon race.

8867I started the series off with what I guess is an idea that’s certainly been done before. Earth woman captured by alien – falls in love – lives happily ever after – you get the picture. But I wanted it to be more than a simple love story. I wanted action, adventure, and a world where danger is in the very air you breathe. And of course, some really great sex.

I wanted baddies lurking in the shadows or masquerading in plain sight. I wanted to explore in a subtle fashion, moral issues that concern me.

So in Legend Beyond the Stars, I used the concept of genetically modified babies and how the Darkon race became so powerful, i.e. they arose from a manipulated gene pool. I also took this concept further by having their people on the brink of extinction caused by a retro virus which had decimated their women and children.

What would a leader do? Would he bow to the inevitable? Look for answers? Well I had Lord Rajan look for answers – in the most fanatical way and with no thought or consideration as to pain and suffering of others, to human rights (or alien rights as is the case here). We all know how that turned out for Rajan.

And also for Alana and her friends. Placed in a situation well out of their comfort zone, not everyone is capable of adjusting or dealing with their experiences. An aspect I explored with poor Linette.

20206In Star Pirate’s Justice, my heroine is another lost star traveller from Earth. Carly has inner strength and great compassion, traits which enable her to embrace every aspect of her new life in her quest to fulfil her life goal. But what will happen when she is thwarted at every turn from realising her goal? Especially when time is her enemy?

And especially when there’s a traitor determined to remain unmasked.

I love writing this series. So far I’ve researched nano technology and graphene technology, space / time travel, heat sinks and stealth ability of vehicles, EMP blasts, futuristic and modern weapons (and the history thereof), body armour…just to name a few. It’s fascinating how a titbit of information can stimulate another idea whether it adds layers / sub-plots to my current manuscript, another book in the series or an entirely new story.


And I have plenty of inspiration to come.

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